Launcher Window - Adjusting its size

Yesterday my launcher window became “full screen” (full window). I can minimize the window but i can’t “mediumize” it to the original size that allowed me to move it around.

I cannot seem to find a way to reduce it to its original size. Anyone know how?

We have seen a couple of reports about this.
Are you using a 4k monitor by any chance?
Please submit a bug report, if possible from within the client so we can get the dxdiag.
CCP Claymore

Thank you for the response.

I am using a Samsung TV at 1920x1080.

The problem fixed itself about 10 minutes after I posted this issue (about 24hrs after the problem occurred). It seems the fix is the threat of public scrutiny!

I hope the resolution info helps. Unfortunately I do not have a bug report.

Ok, glad to hear it has resolved itself.

In the future it would be great to a get a bug report with as much information on the issue as possible.

Including your launcher logs which you can find through the Launcher Menu -> Show In Explorer -> Launcher Logs.

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