Launcher Window bigger than screen

(m0rz m0rzington) #1


When I open the Launcher, the Window is bigger than my screen. So big even, that I can’t hit the Account-selection because the middle of the Window is lower than the bottom of my screen.

And because the Window is higher than my Screen, I can’t change the size of it.

I have not done anything to get to this point. It just happened today.

I can’t enter the game like this.

(Eva Thara) #2

I am also experiencing this issue, I would love to fix it, not sure if it’s on our end or theirs.

(m0rz m0rzington) #3

I am lucky to have a sevond monitor - so I can rearrange my monitor-positions to place the launcher to a position that lets me enter the game.

But I still can’t change it’s size. The moment I click the edge of the launcher-window, it crashes and on startup it just has the same size as before.

It is really upsetting.

(system) #4

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