Weird size glitch in Launcher

Hey guys,
I encountered a really weird issue on the EVE Launcher today, when I installed it on my new Laptop (Win 10). I have the Launcher graphics, but only in the bottom left corner. The Problem here is, that the buttons are not where they are graphically, but in a big white space, that makes up 50% of the Laucher window, on the top right. It doesn’t make the game unplayable, since the graphics do still light up whe you hover over their real place in the white space, but it is really annoying basically having to find where the buttons are blindly. Does anyone know how to fix this issue? I already tried things like resizing etc. I am playing on mobile graphics (MX 130) but also have played on Intel HD Graphics, so it houlodn’t really be a Problem. The resolution of the screen is also nothig out of the ordinary (1920x1080). Thanks.

It seemed to have fixed itself after a computer restart… Really weird

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