Fixed Window goes fullscreen on aplly

Thinking about return to EVE Online, after two years of inactivity. And found that something changed in software in this period of time.

Last time played with dual-head setup with two monitors: 2560x1440 px on each, this setup was very comfortable for dualboxing EVE Online, I have had used Fixed window with 2560x1440 resolution for every window. Now I’ve upgraded my monitors with one Samsung Neo G9(32:9 aspect ratio, 5120x1440px), technically there is same amount of pixels on screen and it would be good to get same dualboxing setup in this single monitor, placing fixed windows one next to other.

The problem is that when I have choose “Fixed window” option in settings and press “Apply” button EVE window going fullscreen, no matter what resolution I have choosen before applying new settings - always fullscreen with Fixed Window option enabled and resolution is set to 5120x1440px

Here I’ve recorded short video with this issue:

Can not figure out what causes this, maybe something changed in:

  • KDE Plasma, that I using
  • Wine
  • EVE Online

Does anyone have same type of problem with single monitor setup with multiboxing with Fixed Window? Any suggestion be appreciated :slight_smile:

KDE Plasma is extremely customizable desktop environment and why I’m using it. So I found a solution by customizing application window rules for exefile.exe so it cannot go fullscreen itself now and forsing its size with my preferrencies.

My clients behave fortunately, also running KDE/Wine.

So I’ve recorded a video how it looks now, after solving this problem :slight_smile:

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