Version 19.01 - Feedback and Known Issues (Mac)

Hello there,

The first monthly update (Version 19.01) is live today, and with it, we enter the new EVE Online Quadrant: Reign. Please use this thread for general feedback and reporting on issues for Mac clients found in this version.

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  • The tactical camera is positioned incorrectly after certain jumps.
  • Alt-tabbing out of the client during the jump tunnel animation can cause some users to lose camera control until docking or jumping to a new system.

User Interface:

  • The context menu option to “Save Location” is missing in several places, like for stations and for wormholes.
  • The ‘Current Station’ section of the Home Station page of the Character Sheet will fail to show Structures within Wormhole space.
  • In some cases, the Home Station page of the Character Sheet will not update to show the School Station as Home when their previous Home has become inaccessible. Relogging the client will cause the page to update.
  • IntMax shown for distance in fleet finder if no direct gate to gate route can be found.
  • New Fleet Finder in the Agency does not load if language is set to Russian, Korean, and Japanese.
  • The next Stargate on a Route in the Info Panel may not always be selected.
  • Guardians Gala season data challenge contains a typo.
  • Fleetup: “Public fleet” scope is incorrectly placed.
  • Redeeming an automatically opened crate to your Home Station remotely causes a broken window and popup to appear.
  • Dying during tutorial will trigger the Agency Help Page and not allow user to finish the tutorial.

Iv’e had just now a bug when jumping, new graphics and sound remained stuck, didn’t show my ship in graphic when jumped only the tunnel and it was stuck moving like this although ship completed the jump, main interface remained blank so I did another jump manual using the map, then it was fixed itself. I also have a feeling that something is broken with camera - harder to properly move it and it is sometimes annoyingly stuck at an angle above my ship.

Apparently the support for macOS 10.12 was dropped, the launcher refuses to start. :frowning:

Oh is that what it is? I have been waiting for a response all day as to why the launcher doesn’t work.

Based on the crash report, it looks like it’s looking for Metal, which is supported in 10.13 (High Sierra) and up.

With the latest patch (1874305), sometimes the new jump animation is just white with a blue tint. No animation is shown before reaching the next system.

I also did a couple cyno jumps today, no animation, just the same white with blue tint.

After one of the cyno jumps, my view of space froze, after some movement. Could not pan or zoom, the image on the screen remained fixed while warping to a station. The screen only changed once docked.

Once undocked, still unable to pan or zoom. The screen cycled through a few different space images like a slideshow. Docked again, undocked, the same slideshow of space. Restarting the client, undocking was just black screen for a good minute.

Rebooted my Mac and things are working better now.

I also had a UI-freezing problem. Could hear the game sound without a problem. Due to the unfortunate timing of being mid-mission, I could only listen to my armor and structure alarms fire off.

The UI eventually rendered a new, but highly corrupted frame of noise, then the Wine window crashed completely. The OS reacted by booting me out of my account and forcing me to login again. Yet more unfortunately, the in-game sound was still playing, so re-launching the client did not work.

I had to do a hard reboot and fly in my capsule back to station.

This is on macOS Catalina 10.15.7 on a 2017 MacBook Air.

What did you muppets do to the launcher?

“EVE Online Cannot Be Opened Because Of A Problem”

Let me guess, OSX 10.12.6 too old now?

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