Version 19.01 - Known Issues

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The first monthly update (Version 19.01) is live today, and with it, we enter the new EVE Online Quadrant: Reign. Please use this thread for reporting any issues found in this version.

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  • The tactical camera is positioned incorrectly after certain jumps.
  • Alt-tabbing out of the client during the jump tunnel animation can cause some users to lose camera control until docking or jumping to a new system.

Bastion showing incorrect damage bonus in attributes tab

User Interface:

  • The context menu option to “Save Location” is missing in several places, like for stations and for wormholes.
  • The ‘Current Station’ section of the Home Station page of the Character Sheet will fail to show Structures within Wormhole space.
  • In some cases, the Home Station page of the Character Sheet will not update to show the School Station as Home when their previous Home has become inaccessible. Relogging the client will cause the page to update.
  • IntMax shown for distance in fleet finder if no direct gate to gate route can be found.
  • New Fleet Finder in the Agency does not load if language is set to Russian, Korean, and Japanese.
  • The next Stargate on a Route in the Info Panel may not always be selected.
  • Guardians Gala season data challenge contains a typo.
  • Fleetup: “Public fleet” scope is incorrectly placed.
  • Redeeming an automatically opened crate to your Home Station remotely causes a broken window and popup to appear.
  • Dying during tutorial will trigger the Agency Help Page and not allow user to finish the tutorial.

" Removed Ancestry choice from the Character Creation."


Why has this been done? Is anyone going to tell us about the character creation changes at all or are you just going to slide it in and ignore it?


WHAT…character changes???

Lmao why even release such a worthless patch (visual effects) when it has such a serious gameplay related bug.


It’s not a bug it’s a #FEATURE… not content with nerfing low sec and null, and hi sec - and the economy, the chat, it is now necessary to further mess with wormholes and stations and context menu’s…
My current work around is to warp to 100 from wormholes, then align back to where I was and at a random spot after 150 - create a perch… not perfect but better than landing 10km off when hostiles are around


Unable to bookmark wormholes. I raised this as a bug report on the 28/1 when it was discovered on SISI EBR-213738

What is the point of submitting big reports if you do nothing about them.

Today I hold you in even more contempt than I did yesterday.


The save location context menu option was bug reported on sisi on the 28th. Why was this ignored?


all of a sudden i am unable to bookmark wormholes, as someone who lives in wormholes full time this is very frustrating!

Whats the update on this?


How the hell can you go live with such a crucial bug being present when you have know about it for almost 2 weeks?

It goes against everything the Quadrant stands for!


It’s the CCP way

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Known issues:

Launching probes does not place them at the same location as ‘you are here’ It should do, you’ve just launched them,

Instead, it dumps them in the last place they were used. This is a pain for small systems where the last place you used them was in a large system as the probes are completely not in the right place.

Because depending on when in the QA cycle the bug was reported there might not have been time to update the build and redo all the QA required to ship the build, so it was likely added to the following build meaning it will likely be fixed tomorrow

Now, CCP, while i am disappointed that you deleted my poor Hypnos multispectrals, you also missed the Large ‘Atonement’ Remote Shield Booster which i bug reported back before Pochven was even added, although i would personalyl ask you don’t replace this module as unlike the hypnos multi which was actually better than the T2 version, this RSB is actually entirely worthless as it doesn’t even have a repair range so doesn’t actually do anything

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Can the Wormhole-Bookmark-Problem be fixed wikth an Hotfix before the next DT?


That isn’t new, its pretty much been that way for as long as the current probe UI has existed

This is not why QA exists tho.

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Still the brake things ingame :-/ CCp fix


In what way? it exists to make sure the client actually functions and doesn’t immediately implode all of the time and needs to be done for each patch, its also a chance to gather a list of known issues, hence why this thread already lists that the bookmark bug is known

But the client has just exploded imho.

Stop, this is essential for combat probing. Not a bug, don’t change.

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