January 2019 Release - General Feedback

For me, releases that fix a ton of bugs are much more useful than releases that add some new dullsec structure or a new set of SKINs.

The bugs have been piling up in the last months, this update was really necessary.


combat ceptors still need fixing

R.I.P. “ship ambiance”, I shall always remember you for being there on the correct side of spelling. You gave us hope, but now all is lost.

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Pretty cool idea - will pass it on :heart:

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The live time updates on Probe and Directional scanners distance is great!
From all the explorers and hunters: Thank You!

I liked the old “Simulate Fitting” button in the fitting window that showed the ship icon a lot more than the current “sphere floating over a grid”, but I’m really stretching my search for flaws here.

edit: The main reason I miss that one is because you could drag it to link the current fit to a channel, whereas now that same button has no drag function. Yes, I know you can still drag the shipname, but the button was larger and a more convenient option.


When flying, attempting to warp and jump to an upwell jump gate via [right click in space -> Structures -> Upwell Jump Gate ->; select gate -> Jump ] yields the ship aligning, not warping. This is only the case IF you don’t have jump gates in your overview. Once you’ve added the gates to the overview, it works fine.

To undo it, remove Jump Gates from overview, change session, and it will be broken again.

Since when is the Probe Window realtime updating AU distances to anomalies when you warp? Rather neat. But it lacks polish because that autoupdating stops when you landed and align away.

What I want to know is what this bullet point in the patch notes under Technical means:

  • Fixes have been made to make New Eden a safer place.

This generic patch note is usually used to note that one of more exploits have been fixed, and they are usually technical in nature :slight_smile:

Ok, cool.

Finally uninstalling after 14 years of playing.

Why did you put “Simulate Fit” button as first option? It was always a place for “Show Info”. Now every time I want info I do unwanted simulation :frowning:


too little too late …

I just had an issue in the Abyss and your report bug feature won’t let me upload screenshots or even submit a bug report.

Anyway issue was the game wasn’t applying my skills to my ship properly fitting window showed I was over on cpu and pwg yet no modules offline stats wise I was missing about 1/3 of my entire shield hp upon entering a new room shield readout would be something like 14000/11000 depleting to get to 11000 but my real hp was over 15000 after exiting the site all m ship stats went to normal site was t4 electrical

Haha! It’s funny how wrecks of triglavian player ships are the same as wrecks of NPC. That shows what kind of trash these ships are. :smile:

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