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Would be possible to have something similar to Abyssal but without pew pew? My idea is to have abyssal exploration. You’ll have to buy a filament, warp inside and map the abyssal space for concord. It could be similar to abyssal pew pew, warp, destroy and take a loot but this would be - warp, hack a container, pick a concord information map loot and move on and sometimes at site it could be there an another hackable container with random loot. It can be same as filament levels - t0 - t6 difficulty or only one. When you dive at filament your difficulty can start at t0 and goes into t6. You could have ’ infinite ’ or atleast 50 rooms to map without a timer and of course containers would work as ghost sites at t3 difficulty +. So, when you fail a hack at t3 + you’ll get damaged by level of site. Of course, this could be good looking too as abyssal and you would have a time to be looking around and you could leave after maping 10 sites.

On one hand, I like it. We could have abyssal sites for more than just combat, we could have exploration sites with increased tiers of difficulty too.

On the other hand, I really dislike the instanced space and how much it takes away from the liveliness of the real EVE universe. Instead of interacting with people in space, all you see are traces of people. As such, I would prefer if CCP added such sites to the existing universe instead of making it instanced.

For abyssal combat it makes sense to make it instanced: that way there is a limit to the types and amounts of ships that can be brought, which makes it possible tocarefully balance the encounters for solo cruisers for example. For an exploration site you don’t have such careful balance reasons to make it an instanced abyssal area.

And if there is no good reason to make something an instanced area, then please don’t make it instanced!


Next, abyssal mining…

It’s a disease.

Given the fact that there are Relic/Data site hacking bots that clear out those minigames in an instant, I’d rather not give out another safe way to farm resources.

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