Remove abyss timer

please remove the 20 min timer.

there is no good reason for this feature other then to serve as a isk sink.

there is no time to actually look around and see stuff, or to try different tactics.

the risk / reward is very unbalanced and ruins the entire expirence.

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Actually there is nothing wrong in theory with a 20 minute timer.

However a 20 minute death timer is a serious mistake, whilst it gave a little short term marketing press attention, that’s done now, nothing more to be gained by keeping it. Just replace it with a “spit out” timer and put the good loot in the final room.

Time for the abyssal PVE to Mature and become a valuable part of EVE


20 mins is ok in lower Tiers i think … in higher it can be really close or to less

for me the risk - reward is not ok … i tried quiet a lot and i run a lot sites but the reward was not that good … maybe in the highest tier but not in others … you can be lucky with a drop but … hmm … i think i will not go on after the event …


If the mutaplasmid drop rate was better I would run them. The idea or randomizing modules is what I liked the most but the drop rate and getting bad rolls makes it not worth it.

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The risk, and the cost of the ships used to efficiently run them are not at all an issue. The reward is too low for me to feel any interest at all in taking the risk, however.

The risk is intended to be high. Of course it becomes a balancing act, if they make the reward higher they risk damaging the economy by funneling too many players into it.

At the end of the day I’m pretty sure they like where it is. Otherwise they’d tweak it.


if they remove the the timer then ppl only go maximum tank and will take a hour for the site with a 2000 dps tank and 250 dps so no this is not an upgrade … it would be a “now idiots can farm t5 sites afk”

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Yup, this is why removing the timer altogether would probably be a bad idea. Changing it to a “spit you out in 20 mins” however, I like that idea.




I don’t mind the idea of a timer, since it makes for a sense of urgency. Hurry up, get in, get the loot, and get back out. And dying adds an extra level of urgency, b/c if it only ejected you at the end, then you’d still make it out with whatever loot you managed to score in that time. As @Vuhdo_Rin mentioned, people would just gear up for maximum tank, try to clear a room or two, and let themselves get sucked out with the loot they scored from those rooms.

However… I do think it’s funny that the Trig ships are supposed to be FROM those regions, and they can hang out in there all day long. But you fly one in there yourself, and you still have the time limit. So one thing I’d consider is adding a Role Bonus to them allowing for longer durations (if not unlimited duration) inside. Sure, that only applies to the Vedmak Cruiser right now, but maybe they’ll come out with Frig or BS pockets later?

And from that adaptation idea, we could also have a Trig Rig, or a Trig based Damage Control, which lets you extend the time for any ship. Sacrifice a bit of tank or something, for the ability to add a couple extra minutes to your Abyss fit.

These things need changes and some rebalancing. But the timer I think is OK.

The changes I would make to these sites are as follows:

  1. Slightly, and I do mean slightly reduce the damage NPCs deal in tiers 3,4 and 5. Just enough so that where currently people use A-type or X-type modules they can do OK with a C-type or faction. This would bring down the bling reqs significantly. Make the high sites doable in 1-2 bil total setups instead of 5-8 bil.

  2. Add turret optimal range and falloff to 2-3 of the abyss weathers. This will go towards making turret ships more viable and enable more ship choices.

  3. Slightly reduce the tracking requirements on level 3,4, and 5 sites. 1 and 2 are good. Again this would help turret ships and make them more viable.

  4. Reduce amount cap get neuted on higher sites. This would enable more ship / fit variety and especially help out turret ships that use lasers or hybrid weapons as their main weapon systems.

  5. Fix spawn issues such as battleships spawning on top of towers or inside a cloud.

  6. Fix pathing / scripting bug where battleship, or in rare occasions multiple battleships fly and remain far outside of the instance boundary.

Then make changes to the rewards.

  • Slighly increase building material drops for Triglavian ships in level 1-2 sites.
  • Medium increase of Triglavian building materials drops in level 3 sites.
  • Significantly increase Triglavian building materials drops in level 4-5 sites.
  • Increase ship BPC drop rate a bit or make them also drop from data sites.

Then finish development of Triglavian ships.

Give Precursor turrets their own rigs, or at least enable some of the existing rigs to be used with them.
Impliment faction damage mods for Precursor weapons.
Increase drop rates on actual ship BPCs, or alternatively, input a rare chance to get a BPC from data sites which drop filaments and also need significant help with their loot tables.

This would make triglavian ships more useful, thus increase their use and increase demand for them as well as provide more materials to actually build them. Get the economy moving a bit better on the Triglavian stuff, give players something new to play with. It’d be a good thing all around for the game. While at the same time increase ship viability for these sites and reduce, but not completely eliminate the bling reqs so more people would run them and more consistently.


this dont Change anything … ist just makes it to easy.

drones are still using tracking / optimal / falloff

drones are still using tracking / optimal / falloff

less Damage dealt at Point 1 and now less cap drained ? then you dont Need any tank oO
atm the tank and neut abilitys are absolutly fine

if you dont want this then kite they out of this

never saw this
but if this realy happens then yes it Needs to fix

and there it goes the rareness … why should everything get Flood the marked ?

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Could they also remove the rats please and just hand us the loot as we go in?


It changes a lot. More people will be able to run them, which is the whole point. Remember the biggest issue is that not enough people run the sites. Ship cost plays a huge role into it. Also, please do not equate “challenge” with “bling”, because the latter defeats the purpose of the former.

drones already do not have the problem, they will remain uneffected. Their applied DPS will not change at all and they will remain in same exact spot. Only turret ships will be affected.

I did say slightly and to reduce the bling reqs. For T4 T5 its fine only if you fly in a 6-10 bil total set up. Again, need more people to do these, not less.

Its a freagin known bug in the spawn algorythm. And have yo tried kiting a battleship that moves about 200 m/s tops (thats only some of the drifter ones, the otehrs are closer to 100m/s) a distance of about 10-20km ? And how did that go for you and your timer ? You’re spewing nonse here first because its a reported bug from way back when, 2nd because you obviously never tried it and have no idea what it is I am referring to.

Why should everything be niche and exclusive to the point where its useless for average players ? Double this that when CCP introduced these, they specifically stated all this content was to be geared towards average and casual players.

dude xD i run it in a 2.4 bil gila :stuck_out_tongue: way less then your 10 b :wink:

cause this is a niche shiptype oO and ist already less then 1b / hull …. and you wanna have them flooded the marked and let drop them below 200 mio or what ? a ship which deals 3k dps can cost a lot ISK

Thats the point. Now do it in a sub 1 bil turret ship

Their faction ships, its very doubtful they will ever drop that low, they should drop to around what T2 cruisers go for and again, become more widely used as was intended.

why should the poor guys or Risk averse guys can farm the best site ? that sounds not very smart

then they Need to get fixed with their dps :wink: if they can still do 3k dps its obvius OP for the very less Price and then everybody will fly with this … makes sense ? no of Course not

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Dear me, it just takes practice, that’s all. You can run 1s, 2s and 3s in 15 minutes or less with practice and a decent fit. 4 and 5s I don’t know because I don’t run them. I would like to see the loot improved slightly though (but I have got a skillbook which I sold for 109 million from a 1 and another one worth 35 million - never even had those from a 2 or 3).

While I don’t expect winning all the time you said it, mostly all you get is bad rolls but I believe it was intended that way so that mods of all types get eaten up especially faction stuff so that prices go up.

I think it would be nice if instead of blowing your ship up when you run out of time, it does a negative abyssal roll on one or more of your modules, and spits you out of an emergency exit conduit.

Edit: So that module would become an abyssal module, “Created by Abyssal Depths” and its a negative stat only roll. It could fit into the lore.

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CCP had to replace Somer Blink somehow…

It’s only a matter of time where CCP begins deducting ISK from wallets every 20 min… in between bounty ticks.

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