Abyssal space - add intesives

So i’ve been doing the abyssal space event.

Glad to hear that the suspect timer is gone atm, - but really in the future it should be gone as well. - Suspect timer is the worst idea implemented ever. I mean why? No reason for it to be there but to satisfy some weird gankers who are scarce at best and worst - to prevent 90% of people doing the abyssal.

The loot is ■■■■. No loot at all to get. No idea why I should continue to do this and waste x times 20 minutes with an risk to loose my ship.

I mean, the risk is so high and the pay off is so tedious. - Can anyone agree with me on this?

I mean, we need some shiny loot dropping from the Triglavians or something.

  • Make some new loot or make them drop existing loot.

Make me wanna do these sites.

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well the loot is not good thats true in T1 sites … run T4 or T5 sites … its better there

you do the event not for the loot but for the boosters and skins … the loot is a extra … not more


Girl, it’s more like 90% of players do not want to deal with this piece of garbage at all. It is crap, it is not enjoyable, it costs you ships and time and its implementation is just rubbish. The only good thing of Abyss space i the farming of blingy ships, nothing else.

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I agree, I might have got my % wrong…

How much better?

…Hmmm… (…really?)

When you calculate ship, fit implant, booster ROI, the guaranteed loss rate, you get left with equivalent of about half the regular plain HS L4s left over. Now if you do other stuff in game, like go daytripping into WHs from time to time or do some ratting in higher income regions, you completely and utterly dwarf it. Thats if RNG is with you, otherwise you go straight into negatives.

I’ve been daytrip ratting where I made so much ISK in one sitting on a sub 400 mil ship with 60 mil worth of implants that I didn’t even both to fly it back to HS, just blew it up on the spot to save the time. Can you say the same for abysmal space ?

hmm … i dont know … i never did suchs stuff so where should i know from

the fun thing is is you run such sites yu you just made it out … the clock ticks … and it runs … 19min 40 sec done and the last bastard still not dead?
you sit at the gate and he dows down … you jump out with a few sec left … that was fn … sometimes its to less time … sometimes not … who knows … who cares …

i am not grinding for isk
if you need to make isk … take a VNI and go to null … 2 chars … 2 VNIs … ok … if it is what you like … enjoy … EVE has so many ways to go


The risk-vs-reward situation for almost all Abyssal running seems severely out of balance, that’s true. From what I’ve seen you’ve got to put billions in fittings and implants on the line - knowing full well that a socket closure or DDoS will lose you that investment - to make decent ISK out of these things. Anything short of that kind of investment makes almost all other activities more profitable.

Maybe it’s not about farming isk. Try doing something because it is fun.

It is a game.

Just saying.:thinking:

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Well that might be…

But the people of Eve think different right?

I mean, people of Eve are greedy isk bastards.

I know I am. I wanna do something which complements my time spending on an online game so to speak, - i wanna get rewarded!

Honestly, as these abyssal sites are right now, I dont get rewarded anyhow for my efforts.

  • So to say, I suggest “buffing” the caches, but not with more unusable loot, but with loot from other factions if ccp dont have time for making new loot which only drops from traglevian.

Designing a game around the greed of players is bad game design. If you don’t want to play for playing’s sake and only care about feeling like you’ve achieve something (that is completely worthless) then the problem is you.

Considering the other thread of yours you either are a troll, or need help.

" Designing a game around the greed of players" you say…

Either you are completely oblivious or completely dumb.

Almost every game is designed from that formula.

*edit: Please tell me, what kind of player are you and what you like to do.



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