Nerfing abyssal mod rolls before it launched ruined it

I’ve spent tens of billions doing abyssal mod rolls, of all levels.

Decayed is a waste of time and money. Gravid and unstable has the potential to have some benefit but the high cost and high chance of receiving nothing worthwhile makes it barely worth the bother.

Abyss mods would have been more useful if they hadn’t caved to the whiners and nerfed abyss items prior to launch. Even decayed would have been at least worth trying.


And imagine the whining of those whose super awesome pwn modules would be retroactively nerfed after it became evident that the modules break any resemblance of balance. I think the whining of people like you now is much more bearable than the whining of people like you if CCP had to destroy your toys retroactively. Now suck it up, buttercup, and die more in abyssal space. Sacrilege, Deimos and Vagabond prices are not good and I need more sales.


So instead we have another dead content like resource wars, because few special snowflakes came up with theoretical ship fits, that would fail in practice and whined “OP!!!” on forums.

Again, have to love how the vocal minority says it would horrifyingly break balance, when instead every abyssal fit ship would be a magnet for ganks and would die to T1 destros or nados just sneezing in their general direction.


Any ship does that against enough Tornados or Thrashers. The difference is with mutaplasmid garbage, you can create a lot more of these overpowered modules than you could with deadspace or officer farming. The mods are also not ridiculously expensive. What you see on contracts is mostly trash used for scams. Actually useful modules are not much more expensive than their normal stats counterparts.

Personally, I don’t have any issue with Abyssal space withering away. It’s not needed, it’s not what EVE is about, and we have enough existing well paying and interesting PVE that CCP can expand on and improve as well as unused PVE potential in not-instanced space. If CCP is serious about this abyss rubbish, though, and wants to replace all of the good and actually rewarding PVE with chance based lottery, they will iterate on it constantly and also change stats on these useless mutaplasmids.


What you don’t like the odds?
Hey this aint Vegas.

Then CCP should have made the drop rate smaller or introduce irreparable damage to the modules that would limit their usage, not just outright nuke the feature into oblivion.

OP is has an actual point when it comes to Decayed multiplasmids for example, because these will always result in a worse module than you initially had. Using those is like paying ISK to deliberately debuff yourself.

And I stand behind my opinion about abyss ships being killed by nados. For example, you have Rorqs in 0.0 that have cynos and a panic immortality button and nobody screams “OP” here.

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You cannot destroy what you cannot catch. If you undock from Jita with your officer fitted ship, you are asking to be engaged by Tornados. The same goes for abyss bling ships. What is your point?

That’s where you are wrong. People have been calling Rorqs and cynos OP for years. For years, however, it has not been a insurmountably huge issue. Now, however, with the CCPCSM sanctioned and forced proliferation of supers and titans, it becomes an ever increasing issue … that will hopefully one day burn down the TQ server cluster because of overload. :slight_smile: CCPCSM’s ultimate goal is getting more obvious, though, with the push for this abyss stuff: Eventually, you are not supposed to farm ISK in space any more to support your lifestyle. You are supposed to buy PLEX-Packs in addition to/instead of your subscription so that CCP can rip more RL money out of your RL wallets than they deserve.

Well… I’m not really sure that all those 3 super-puper OP elite PVP mobiles would make CCP do anything. I’m not even sure people would notice it outside of some youtube channels.

But hey! It’s better to waste thousands of developer resources and game for many players than to allow for rare case when the module could be OP. :innocent:

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CCP does not have an issue with that. Other examples where they did it: Drifter incursions, Ressource Wars, Forward Operation Bases, Pirate Shipyards, Structures, Fozzie Sov. All smashing successes. Besides, CCP boasted about the number of mutated modules (97000, if I remember correctly) and there 2 and more pages full of abyss losses on ZKill every day. In other words, it is not like the feature is not being used if you compare it to actually unused features like FOB or RW or the server melting Drifter Incursions. :innocent: Furthermore, although all the talk about abyssal space is annoying and takes away dev resources from actually important projects, at the very least abyssal space does not annoy players who don’t want to partake in it, unlike RW beacon spam in the overview or FOB spam attacking structures or FOB rats being abused to kill freighters. It’s something.

It’s clear from reading Dyver Phycad’s posts, that he never wanted Abyssal space in the first place, and he certainly never wanted it to succeed. You and your like ruined it for everyone else. You got what you wanted. Congrats.

The most irritating thing about Into the Abyss, for me, was that the pitfalls of the contract system still haven’t been addressed. It’s nearly impossible to get a feel for what would be an appropriate price to sell an abyssal module. The only comparison one can make is with outstanding contracts, or completed contracts by individual characters.

I will give them credit for making some progress in providing additional information - the green bar/red bar popup is a huge improvement from where we were on patch day. But there’s still a long way to go. Contracts need a complete overhaul in my opinion.


He, actualy the problem of contract system means that mutaplasmids could not become a problem for the game.

And to answer your question about the price, it’s easy if you can do some maths. But to sum it up, if your module is any better than the original one, it’s production value is the price of a deadspace module.

There are far larger things to consider for balance than slight flexibility on module stats.

Versions of group-play, cynos, proliferation of sources and ISK, connection speed to the server in London, applicable Skillpoints in the context of EVEs economic state and so on.

Stat flexibility could equally give an edge to everyone, especially those who use their brains.

Right now, it’s only for those who use their wallet, which just perpetuates old issues.

There were massive discussions, statistical analysis and all that before launch - with the goal to help CCP identify the sweet spot between 1-click-wonder and the useless situation we have now. They should go and take a look at those discussions or simply come up with their own analysis.

Right now, none of the goals concerning Mutaplasmids have been reached.

The only saving grace of Abyssal space is that it’s hard to bot since the spawns vary signifcantly, you’re under a time limit and the payoff is the loot drop (not NPC bounties).

Did you expect to turn that into hundreds of billions in profit?

1) Mutaplasmids would have been better implemented as consumable charges that buff a module for a short duration, but only on a non-damaged/non-overheated module (to avoid stacking bonuses).

2) Alternatively, that activating a mutaplasmid raises SHIP base stats for a short duration.

The “gimmick” would be Alphas and those without overheating skills could use them as well.

Demand would be huge.
PvP would be spiced up.
Existing module/material markets would not be at any risk of being compromised.
No new contract system would be required.

Its not too late to make it so.

The idea with consumable charges would essentially be a booster specifically for modules. I’d have to try it out, but I think in practise this would be very fiddly. Also, it could become too OP when used on all applicable modules and it works only as a buff. Same for boosters raising ship stats.

In general I think there already is enough booster-gameplay, but if there was a test-run, I’d certainly try it out.

The downside of that would be the absence of any material sink.

For modules, it would face the same challenges as Mutaplasmids currently do. Even more so. If using a Booster allows me to temporarily transform my T2 Warp Disruptor into a Faction Point regarding disruption range, I think many people will fly T2 only and boost when necessary.

  1. Integrate Mutaplasmids completely into EVE, such that some (or all) ships have a single new Mutaplasmid “slot” in fitting window. Slotted mutaplasmids are unremovable/unreplaceable (until expired), have a decay timer, provide varying +/- bonuses/penalties not available on anything else ingame, with varying decay duration/magnitude of +/- stats depending on the tier of the mutaplasmid.

There could even be a type of mutaplasmid that extends the time that ship has to run an Abyssal pocket, or which specifically mitigates environmental effects in pockets.

Whether this mutaplasmid slot is useable on Alphas is debatable. Id say no, to incentivize Omega.

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