Abyssal Filaments solo

THIS IS NOT A TROLL. If you don’t have something constructive to comment, please keep the personal attacks to yourself.

The requirement to use 3 filaments for a frig does not make sense.
Just tier it, so 1 for a frig, 2 for a dessy and 3 for a cruiser.

By all means adjust the loot/rewards accordingly. Less filaments would be less loot and an ‘easier’ run, for example.
By all means make running a filament solo in frig like a hard mission and not some super way to get rich.

EVE has always been about OPTIONS.
How you CHOOSE to fly your ship.
How you CHOOSE to fit it.
What you WANT to do in EVE.

I’ve brought this up to other players in passing and they just keep repeating “THREE TIMES THE LOOT”, like some kind of trained parrot just repeating what they were told and not even bothering to think it through.

To say someone running a T0 with a frig, which everyone keeps swearing is easy to do day one with an alpha clone, why should it use 3 filaments?

i dont see a good reason to change it.
since i think this is a troll post, i will keep it short.


is fine?

You can open an abyssal portal for 1 ship (cruiser), for 2 ships (destroyers) or for 3 ships (frigates).

This requires respectively 1 filament, 2 filaments or 3 filaments.

It’s entirely up to you if you send all the ships or try to do the abyssal rooms with fewer ships for a higher loot per ship ratio, but you cannot enter a 3-person abyssal site without opening it with 3 filaments. Simple as that.

Troll posting would be your reply.

As I posted at the start. That makes NO sense. Why would a small ship need filaments to go in solo.
It does not matter that it wasn’t ‘intended’ to by run solo in a frig, people did it.
What makes sense is more mass would need more filaments. Like how a wormhole is ‘used up’ by larger ships going through OR multiple small ships.

abyss payout is balanced based on risk/reward(mostly) and not ship mass… what a nonsese
how about you just sell your 3x loot and buy 3x filaments? it is really not that hard

ENTRY not REWARD is what I’m talking about. Not sure how that is confusing.

How is it so hard to understand?

That sheer nonsense of those who simply “hate ideas & logic” because “MU LOOTZ”.
It’s like talking to small children.

The FILAMET is used to ENTER. So 3 filaments should be 3 ships or a cruiser. NOT for a solo frigate.

They should change it so you have to use six filaments.

One just doesn’t ‘change’ somethings price right?
I mean, it’s supply and demand what ‘sets’ the price right?

If you want to enter with a frigate, even a solo frigate, you need an abyssal fit for three ships. That requires three filaments.

There is no ‘solo frigate abyssal’ entry, what you’re doing is soloing a low tier of the the three-man version of the abyss.

If you wish to go solo with a single filament, you could grab a cruiser.

because you wrote that?

thats the first and only time i heard this quirk idea in all my years being active in the abyss community. but its clearly everyone but you who is wrong

does devaluing and insulting others make you feel better? why do have a constant need for this, are you just projecting, need to compensate something? is that just how your parents talked to you?

CCP can’t make them worth more. They are worth what players are willing to pay for them. If your profit margin is bad, then you are losing too many ships or not running them effectively enough. The market value of filaments generally reflects the achievable cost at which they are “produced”. If you are in the minus, you need to get better.

Frigate solo T1s have decent profit margins (for beginners) despite requiring 3 filaments. To improve your profit margin, try doing something else than electricals (and sell your electrical filaments).


Do please read what I wrote and stop posting trolling nonsense and baseless personal attacks.

i really hope “life” teaches you the lessons you need, or solves the issue in another way

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