Is it possible to solo T1 abyss on frigates other than a worm?

Are there any destroyer fit other than worm that can be used to complete the tier 1 abyss? For example, is it possible to complete level 1 abyss on dramiel?

Do you mean frigates? Yes, the Hookbill, Retribution, Hawk are quite popular to do T1s in.

Yes, frigates
How do you think Dramiel can do it?

Even if somebody experienced in theory can make it work, I doubt you can. Also if you dont want to wait few hours to get ur abyssal running question answered, try asking in ABYSSAL LURKERS in-game channel.

so destroyer or frigate?

also why? just for a style or because you want something cheaper or requiring less skills?

The t0 Punisher fit, with good skills should also manage t1s. The difficulty increase is not that big, maybe add some low tier implants if it is too slow or your tank is not sufficient with whatever you are trying right now.

Destroyers can do t1, I was using Talwar. But I was not aiming at efficiency. And the higher ship class you use the less loot so the Worm is clear winner…

Even T2 Abyssals (Agitated) can be run easily in most Assault Frigs. I regualry use Nergals, Retributions and Hawks to do T2 solo. T1 are a piece of cake.

Thanks to everyone who answered, you helped me to understand a bit

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