Frigates for FW

Hi. I’m an Alpha and I just got into FW. I’ve about 16mil now. I want to fly either caldari or gallente, specifically the Merlin. I’ve also though about an Incursus. Please recommend some frigates here.

Hey OP!

Welcome and congrats on joining Faction Warfare!

Sooooo… it would help us if you told us more about what you want to do.

Do you want to do more PvE? (missions, complexes, etc)
Do you want to do more PvP?

Also… what roles / tactics do you generally favor?

  • Fast and at range?
  • Up close and personal?
  • Debuffing? (see also: Electronic Warfare)
  • Buffing? (see also: Command Ships and remote repairing)
  • Scouting?
  • Do you prefer being a “lone wolf”? (recommended when you have gained a certain level of knowledge with the game)
  • Do you prefer groups? (recommended for newcomers)

Certain ships excel at certain roles / tactics.
But, depending on the fit, almost any ship can fit any role / tactic.

Generally, I want to avoid missions. I want to do more defensive plexing than offensive plexing. Maybe some AFK defensive when I’m busy too. For fighting style instead, I’m more of a kiting guy. I like to get hit as little as possible while consistently pumping out damage. I also thought about getting a Comet too when I’m richer

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