First time FC

How do I lead a fleet with logi and DPS to victory?
I have no idea how.

Join fleets under other FCs to see how they do it?


To add to Gerard’s point - most established groups will have a team of FCs who can mentor you.

If the group you’re with doesn’t, that’s fine, there’s public groups like Spectre Fleet and Bombers Bar who allow anyone to fly with them, learn the ropes and get mentorship to become an FC.

An actual overall guide on how to FC could fill a book, and is probably outside of the scope of a couple of forum posts.

We need a bit more detail bruv.

How many ships?

You in low or null?

What kind of mission is the fleet going on?

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By shouting “ARMOR HACS!!! ARMOR HACS!!! ARMOR HACS!!!” at the beginning of the engagement. :wink:

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I’m hosting a fleet with my wh alt because my corp doesn’t really have been pvping which is different from most wh corps.

Ah ok so in j-space then?

What ships ya’ll flying?

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Corms, in null, we have null static.

Oh. So everyone is in corms and then you got logi frigs?

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  1. don’t mouth breath.
  2. don’t munch on crunchy snacks while on comms.
  3. don’t be drunk, unless being drunk makes you more tolerable as an FC.
  4. discourage your members from engaging with critical thinking skills.
  5. annunciate and say “F1” clearly.

Didn’t I already answer this question.

But seriously, see if you can find a like group, join up and take notes. Ask around and see if anyone would be willing to mentor you. Despite EvE being so grim dark, there are more good people willing to help than pricks.

Good luck man!


Doing all the thinking for the group and clearly broadcasting targets to shoot at is something you may want in larger fleets (which would become chaotic otherwise), but small scale fleets can be a lot more fun and effective if people know how to fly their own ships and also come up with ideas.

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Define “small scale fleet.”

‘Small scale fleets’ aren’t really that well defined. You may think it’s a certain number, which does play a role but is not the defining factor in my opinion.

It’s mainly a fleet culture thing: with small numbers people can talk with eachother and are expected to do their own thing, but as numbers grow larger this becomes too chaotic. But this does not depend on number alone. You can have a 15 man fleet organised as a small ‘large scale fleet’, with just the FC and maybe one scout talking. The fleet would not be much different if it were twice that size, except now you would have more dps. Even at 15 man, I would call it a large scale fleet, just because of the culture of ‘FC gives commands, everyone else listens’.

The type of small scale fleets I usully fly are black ops fleets where I can often fit all characters in fleet on my watch list - even though quite a few players are multiboxing characters that are outside the main force: hunting for targets, scouting entry points or are the bridge. Fleets where you have about 6 people just talking about what to do next, about the Ishtar they noticed on d-scan, or the Gnosis that’s just about to take the gate into your system. It’s fun!

Would, fleeting up with two other people, and going out into high sec, baiting mission runners, stealing loot, bumping orcas, and the occasional gank, without having to be on coms because everyone knows how to read each other and the situation be considered small fleet?

Could be. Technically you can already be in a fleet with just one character.

I would say fleet combat starts at 5ish, but if you want to call doing stuff in a 3 man gang ‘small fleet content’ I won’t stop you.

Okay. So after some long walls of text, you finally answered my question. >5ish would be considered a small fleet.

Or, if you needed someone to coordinate functionality and tell people when to press F1. Which isn’t a bad thing. But it does lack an appeal for me.

What was your point?

‘Define small fleet’ is like the question ‘what is the best ship in EVE’. Of course you’re not going to get a simple one line answer. Because like many things in EVE, ‘it depends’.

Anyway, I guess your point was that you don’t like fleets where you have to follow a fleet commander. Which is fine. You can fly small fleets where that is not the case. It’s mostly the large fleets where everyone follows the FC and presses F1.

And I agree pressing F1 is a bit boring. I rather fly logi instead, trying to catch whoever the enemy is shooting (it helps if the person in question broadcasts for repairs, but they often do not or late…) and keep them alive. Even started multiboxing logi in fleets lately, it’s a fun challenge.

There was no point. I asked a question. Define a small fleet. I should have been more specific as in, how many people are in a fleet for you to consider it small.

Edit: addition:

I was looking for a number, or a range.

Yessa, logi frigs.

For anything smaller than battlecruisers, I would personally skip logi and just go with buffer shields. Then it’s a matter of knowing the strengths of your ships and making decisions according to them, which is something you should figure out while flying under another FC or solo.