First time FC

I’d start by knowing the limits of your fleet and look for opertunities that play to its strengths. Have your scouts know what kind of targets you are looking for in that regard and relay the kind of information you want clearly.

As for moving your fleet around and people following you, do a practise run navigating your fleet around, target calling, anchors, distances etc. so they can get used to you, your voice, your style. It also helps identifying troublesome fleetmembers and allows you to correct it.

As for Logi. They really need to know what they need to be doing during an engagement independant from the FC. Anchoring is important and reading the flow of a battle to be able to anticipate what is likely to happen so targets for reps will be pre-locked prior to them calling for reps. Make sure everybody knows how to call for reps so they don’t muck up comms yelling “I need reps!” drowning out the FC’s orders.

No doubt you’ll make mistakes. Accept it, review them and learn from them.


Some great suggestions already were mentioned. I also suggest Faction Warfare, as it is a great source of PvP experience and ops (structure bashes, WH evictions, etc.). You can technically FC 24/7 :stuck_out_tongue:

If you interested [CalMil FW] United Caldari Navy is Recruiting - #142 by Lambda_Thyl

In short:

Think ahead.
Know the layout and loopholes by heart.
Start solo (you’ll learn perspective and scouting).
Continue in mid size drunk yolo fleets max 5-7ppl.
Advance in tacle + bubble gatecamps.
Advance in recon (cloak) same size with ecm and bombers, dual scout (comm & info coord)
Advance in disposable cruizer + tackle 10-15pp 1 scout 2 tackle.
Advance in 25-30 ppl, 2 scout, 3-4 tackle (comm, coordin practice, leadership practice).
Above you’ll have just more dps or, you’ll enter more fleet warefare. Which mean coordination, and mentoring (start from fc scout/prober upto warp ins, and small command / order to order commanding, dependable on alliance preferances.
All above, except the last point, you should master it before going into fleet warfare.

Hope it helps, your welcome :slight_smile:

you could join my corp or alliance And I will teach you!
just saying


There’s some solid advice in this thread. Something I’ve learned from seeing fleets from all perspectives that isn’t mentioned here and has several very important implications:

It’s your responsibility to provide a good experience for your fleet members.

  • Own your mistakes, and don’t bulls*** your fleet members. Even if the details are opsec, you can probably still give an honest general explanation of why things aren’t working out as desired.

  • You don’t have to chase every opportunity. Sometimes people will come to you with all manner of hairbrained plans and possible targets. It’s completely ok to stick to the original plan and politely tell the person that you appreciate their efforts but you don’t think it’s in the interest of the whole fleet. “I don’t feel comfortable doing that with our fleet” is a valid reason.

  • Take your preparation seriously (at least when learning) - Know what level of pilots will be flying with you and what help they’ll likely need. Have any necessary assets available beforehand. Find some reliable people beforehand to support you with the labor-intensive stuff.

  • Try to present your best(ish) self. You’re not just there for your own fun. Drinking (or similar) may make things fun for you, but think carefully if they’re going to negatively impact things for everyone else.

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This, right here.

Again, this.

Boundaries are important. If you can’t say “no” to something, then you truly cannot say “yes”

Be kind with your no. But also be firm.

You’re on fire.
This right here. And even the best prepared ops go sideways. So, refer to point one. And remember, it’s about having fun. You win some, and you loose some.

Right on.

Yes, try to build an environment that is fun for your fleet. It’s not about your glory, or your fun. FC’ing is about your team. Don’t make it about you.

And one last point.

Don’t eat or drink while on comms. Nobody likes it. Nobody.

I’m a little late to this party, but I FC rookie roams in the NPSI community.

If you, or anyone reading this, wants to try FCing come out to my fleet (if you’re allowed to by your corp, of course) you can. In my fleets ANYONE can fly any role. Always wanted to try scouting/tackle but are afraid of high expectations on other fleets? Come on out. It doesn’t matter if you catch anything or die in the first 30 minutes.

Want to try dictor but are scared of getting yelled at for bubbling your fleet at the wrong time? There’s never any yelling or making people feel bad. There’s a reason these fleets are done in cheap ships. Want to try boosh for the first time? You will get some (good natured) flack if you boosh the bubble but that’s about it. Want to try logi or ewar? I will never say no.

Want to try to actually FC the fleet? Come try it for 20 minutes. If you hate it you can hand it back otherwise keep going until you don’t feel you can any longer (it’s tiring the first time). What’s the worst thing that can happen? You welp my fleet? I usually do that at the end of my fleet anyways if the opportunity arises.

You can look for my fleets every other Wednesday on the NPSI calendar lead by Kshal Aideron via FUN Inc. There will be one this coming wed (22 June). It’ll get posted in a day or so.

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Sorry, only cheese pies :pie: can lead fleets to victory