Minimum requirements for fighting faction warfare

I read this EVE university page about faction war and want to enlist for Amarr after I finish SOE epic arcs. based on the wiki page, even frigates can do faction war, but I am worried about losing them. I am using a coercer now, and I like it a lot. so what is the chance of surviving if I use ships smaller then a cruiser to fight? would I get destroyed instantly? what if I play solo or fleet? Thanks.

The easy answer with PvP, you will lose them.

Will you lose them fast, that depends on your fights. But as a new player vs more experienced players it will likely be yes.

That said, FW also gives you a nice way of income to replace ships. But keep in mind that FW means PvP is always around the corner, even if you don’t expect it.

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The 2 absolute most important things in EVE are:

: The moment you undock, you’ve already lost your ship :

: Never fly what you can’t afford to lose :

You are guaranteed to lose ships doing faction warfare. It’s PvP.

It doesn’t matter what you fly, be it a frigate or a Titan, you will lose it at some point. If you use a frigate, other frigates and destroyers can and will attempt to kill you. If you use a battleship, a team of cruisers and frigates can and will make short work of you.

It helps to think about your ship as (expensive) ammunition, not your vehicle.


Also a good way to see it.

I always said, ships in EVE are tools.

Pick the correct tool for the job, and like in real life, tools will break


As the others have said, you WILL lose ships in Faction Warfare.

Here’s the thing though…

Losing the first few ships in PvP and getting used to it is probably the hardest thing to do in EVE.
A good number of players simply don’t or can’t used to the idea that a ship can be expendable like ammo or a drone.

This is not a bad thing… unless you are serious about getting into PvP. Which is what Faction Warfare is largely about.

As a newbie, you are more likely to lose more ships than others simply by virtue of being inexperienced and lacking skills.
This is okay. This is normal.

While you can’t do much in terms of skills (unless you spend large amounts of money on Skill Injectors (would not recommend)) you CAN compensate for your inexperience by teaming up with others and gaining experience through them.

12+ newbies with pitiful skills, but a solid plan is FAR more deadly than 4 or 5 veterans with max skills just lolling around by themselves.

So… here are my suggestions:

  • Build up some ISK: Doesn’t matter how you do it. Missions, mining, scamming, begging, getting a sponsor, sucking someone’s- AHEM
    Make your goal about 15 to 20 million ISK.

  • While doing things to achieve your ISK goal, do research. Research tactics and which ships excel in which category. Research their modules and how they are fit.

  • Look up “zkillboard” as it has a record of many, MANY ship deaths… usually PvP related.
    Note: Veteran PvPers can be quite vain about their killboard and will post most kills they make (and some losses they take). This is good for you as it basically make zkillboard a “library” of sorts.

  • When you have your ISK and knowledge in hand, head to a tradehub and buy a WHOLE BUNCH of stuff.
    Multiple frigates, modules, weapons, etc.

  • After buying stuff, have it all moved to a high-sec system close to low-sec (or in low-sec if you are a “baller”). You will be looking for a place that sees little traffic… kinda inconvenient to get to.
    If you feel uncomfortable doing this, you can hire someone to do it for you. Red-Frog Freight comes to mind. But you can also put a contract up on the market for anyone (just be sure to put up enough collateral and reward).

  • PRE-FIT everyone in the configurations that you researched. Fill them up with ammo too.

  • Set your clone to respawn in the station you are basing out of.

  • Grab a ship and go into low-sec.

  • Explore around with the idea that you will fight the first thing you see.

  • Fight the first thing you see

  • WHEN you die at the hands of a player, start a conversation with them and ask how you can improve.
    Be friendly. Humor is a plus.

Keep building on this and eventually someone will take a liking to you. They may even recruit you.

Oh yeah… and below is a thread regarding Faction Warfare.
Basically the same rules as above plus a few that are specific to FW.


Oh… forgot to add this:

Technically speaking, your character is ready for PvP from day 1.
You do not need anything close to “perfect” skills to participate in it.

The REAL questions are, “what kind of PvP do you want to do?” and “what expectations do you have?”

  • If you want to be a scout or a tackler (see: person who intercepts a target and prevents them from warping off) for a group then you can do that with minimal ISK and skill investment.
    “Success” in this role is determined by how long one lives and/or whether the target dies at the hands of allies.

  • If you want to be more of a “support role” then you can do that with some small to moderate skill investment in Electronic Warfare or Remote Repairing. Experience (in terms of staying alive) you can pick up along the way.

  • If you want to do solo, small-scale PvP then yes… skills and experience are very important and not very newbro friendly.
    This is because on a smaller scale one’s weaknesses and/or inexperience shows through more.

I know it all seems quite insurmountable, but trust me… it gets easier. Especially if you find the right people.

If anything, THAT is what I would advise you to put more focus on; finding the right people for you.

Like romance, It takes time to do this and you will go through quite a few really bad ones. Don’t stick around with people or groups that do not invest in you and/or you do not enjoy being around.

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well I really like to do teamwork in online games. but unfortunately, I am in +8:00 GMT timezone and I don’t see many fleets that is mainly English who operates in this time. the only person I might be able to work with is my friend who is also starting faction war. but he is minmatar pilot while I am Amarr. I guess by the time I finish SOE epic arcs I would have enough money to spend in faction war. I also do a bit of mining to produce some modules I use.

This means nothing. Nowhere are you bound to your race.

As an Amarr character, you can fly Caldari ships while being in the Minmatar FW

Hell… I flew Amarr ships using Minmatar guns and Caldari drones! While in the Minmatar militia! :smiley:

Yeah… the only thing that matters is your standing towards a faction.

I think one has to reach 0.5 standing?
Something along those lines.

If one joins a player group, this can be bypassed.

after all these weeks, I am finally prepared to meet the enemies on the battlefield. I fitted a decent tank on a DPS kiting punisher. but there is 1 awkward problem I want to ask before I go. the punisher only have 2 mid slots, its impossible to fit both range control and the tackle module. what do I do? the amarr ship design is a pathway to many creations, some considered to be strange.

Perhaps a veteran can explain things to you in depth. The Punisher is oddly unsuited to faction warfare. @tutucox_Khamsi are you there?

too late I lost it already :frowning:

wait he killed me and gave me 10 million isk?


You are going to lose a lot of ships in FW. It is inevitable. But, the people who kill you do not bear you ill will - they want you to stick around and get good.

well I guess thats nice, I tried to talked to him and asked how I failed.

based on that talk, he said I should use tormentor. but its strange, as the tormentor have less tank and less DPS than my punisher fit. or its just me fitting it wrong. can anyone help with a standard pvp tormentor fit? thanks.

update: I board my corvette and stumbled across a Caldari Navy ship wreck, picked up tons of faction and tech 2 modules, estimate 5M ISK. dunno what to do about it as I trained no missile skills.

At your services @Xeux my dear

There is lots of fleets going in the militia chat , just join any corp in the militia or the 24th crusade( the npc corp) , the militia chat will open , use it and get in fleets if you want .
You will lose your ship , is inevitable , i do solo but people WILL try to fight you 3,4, 5 v 1 or moaaarrr.

this was a 5v1 i killed 2 and bail, its so exciting :smiley:
You will get solo fights to , and die

this was a 1v1 i lost , so sad :frowning:
My advice is fly destroyers and frigates , nothing expensive
Have a base with several small ships and put you medical clone there , wen you die , just reship and go again

The crux of the matter is to do faction warfare sites (conplexes/plexes) and earn more money than you loose
Its not difficult to do it , so have fun , play , earn your isk

Look how much money i “lost” in the last months . Why that much? Because im a poser and insist in using cruisers , batashops, expensive ships . Even so i have a good amount of isk anyway because you can make a good buck doing FW, But don’t do like me, use cheap frigates and destroyers and make some reserve . I dit it for a long time , there was a time wen i used punishers and only punishers .

Btw the punisher is not that great because only have 2 medium slots and a ship must have at least 3 to control range (prop/scram/web) , but you can win battles with any t1 frigate , any navy frigate , any pirate frigate , any t1 destroyer etc etc etc , there is a good variety of fits in ships in FW al viable , and there is the op kiki and friends to

oh ok thanks. so if I like to fit a really heavily buffer tanked punisher, whats the tactic I can use? I dont like fighting anyways, so I dont care if the target gets away.

correct me if I am wrong.

This and FW don’t really go together. FW is all about fighting

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I think the only requirement is a 1.0 faction standing. A stack of T1 frigates and fittings of your choice helps, but I wouldn’t invest in any bling.

In the beginning, just throw yourself into it. Yes, you will get vaporized, but everytime you do, you will hopefully learn a little more … especially if you COMPLIMENT your opponent and ask them if you could have done things differently!

Life Tip: It is really hard for people to be aggressive towards you in conversation, when you are complimenting them, agreeing with them, and making disparaging remarks about yourself. If you can get them to laugh, even at your own expense, you have successfully completely disarmed them.

Also recommended:

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good idea, making friends is exactly what I like to do.

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