Alpha clone way to PVP

Hi. Some newb question about PVP
How to start PVP immediately after ending of Aura Tutorial?
(How much ISK cost PVP viableship and fittings? preferably T1 Frigate easiest to handle run and kill with - no complicated manouvers etc - just for newb to learn and cheap to replace. and ofc something i could use after tutorial end without waiting a week for get neccesary skill to use something…
(I have few M ISK collected and claimed 250k skillpoints (and mini skill injector 25 kfrom tutorial)
also how I should setup my screen and overview (i can get latest sarashawa) - external monitor for scanner is ready.

and where is good start point for learning solo hunting?
(not interested in militia/missions etc atm) need only basics of pvp :wink:

Should give you some inspiration.

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Find a mate with the same intent, experience and abilities, set up some duels with him.

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kinda hard after just few days in EVE
thx for the vids

Find a fit and how to fly it. Buy 20 of them. Roam in low sec and learn from each of your deaths. Repeat with a new fit (or the same if it’s good).

Best is to use a kiting ship due yor brawling skills will make die pretty easy. Google for condor or a tristan fit.

I will 1v1 you. Send me a mail.

Ill even teach you how to pvp and throw you some isk too.

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PVP is easy, anyone can join a fight but
To win a fight is the hard part

mail sent.

kinda hard to find someone to hunt

thats why i wish to learn…

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Kiting will let you disengage. The dps will be low so you will have to flee at times.

With neutralizers you can kill most active tanks. Just stay away from passive guns like projectiles and missiles unless you have decent dps. Tristan excels at this but is also expected. The unexpected can kill if you know your strength and their weakness (this is pvp summarized).

would rather stay away fom drones (i checked alpha kitey tristan build) - need to remember about them (they do not come back like probes :S

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