The Forum Whiners' Thread

To all the people who keep creating new threads in order to whine about the same thing, know that your particular flavor of bitching does not warrant it’s own topic. If you’re just going to bellyache, you should either put it an appropriate existing thread, or just leave it here. That way all the pity party people have a place where they can validate each other’s whining, and everyone else can give your bittervet circlejerk a wide berth.

Note that constructive criticism does not belong here.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Eve sucks nowadays…!

I’m in first


And as always, keep it civil within the confines of Forum rules :smiley:
Remember, 3itching’s an artform.

Just created another Alt… Checking out if the tutorial has changed.

They made it easier to go through, which isn’t nice. Newbros need a tough tutorial or they’ll get the idea that playing EVE is easy.

AND MY LORD!! What have they done with Aura?!? They animated her, which is nice, but she’s now butt-ugly!! Whoever made this Aura isn’t talented for character creation. That sucks!
RIP Aura.


Lose my Mind?


Doing it right?

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I’ll put your stuff to good use!

Lose My Mind

■■■■ Off.

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1946 and 1964 = Baby Boomers!
then came…
Generation X

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