Announcement video disappointment

I applaude CCP adding (returning) to the game, instead of removing/nerfing the game.However, having a “big” reveal announcement and video for reintroducing a part of EVE that effects less than 10% of the player base, even indirectly, when there are so many dire issues that are affecting almost 100% of the player base seems to be somewhat nonsensical. A fanfare for scarcity removal/ reduction or new gameplay for everyone. Well, that IS news worthy of hype. Reintroducing AT to add gameplay for a select few interested groups? Er,…“ok”?


Whatever ccp does it will only effect a small portion of the player base ,like the AT.Lets think about the industry changes they affected only a small amount of the industrialist and made them extra happy.AT is the same.I am sure one of the recent patches made you stop the cry babe staff and say a big thx to CCP for bringing back the AT .

No one is crying, just complaining about the recent overhyping of the reintroduction of AT. Course, your past history in other threads of praising all the recent changes in the last couple of years by the devs, your call for 700m isk T1 battleships, and crowing about how offen you are using your credit card in the EVE store might taint any polite suggestions you might make.
CCP is like the ship’s captain offering free drinks. It is sure nice, but not when the ship’s name is Titanic and you have other issues on your plate.

now don’t be selfish be happy .

I was going to insult you but I honestly think you’re legit on the slow side judging by your recent posts. Ignorance must truly be bliss as they say.

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do not forget at the end of the month to renew your sub .CCP games thank you

Where did they say this? There was a tweet and a facebook post of sideways looking eyes, both of which were posted AFTER my tweet started getting attention. I will give 100m ISK to the first person who can give evidence of CCP “hyping” the video beyond this and the fact that it was a premier.

Deposit to this character please.

While that is hardly saying “get hyped” like I have seen some people quoting. If this is the best anyone has then I guess you get the prize :smiley:

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It’s the exact comment I quoted in my post that you quoted here on the forums. Yep that’s the best I got.

You’re trying to defend ccp dude and I can respect that. We all love this game (maybe too much at times) and want it to be better. But you have to admit this was just in poor form all around. The pcu is down (for whatever reason) people are tired as ■■■■ of scarcity ect ect ect all the same grievances we all heard a million times now and instead of telling us anything related to any of that they tease this announcement that maybe 10% of the population will participate in is at best being out of touch with the community.

You’re not helping anyone when you try to defend a bad decision. Maybe you think it was the right one hell I don’t know. I don’t.


You’re right but I think your expectations are too high regarding CCP/PA. It doesn’t seem, to me, that they want to put that much effort into improving the game besides putting some gloss on it and frame it with pretty flowers. I think the boss prefers banking the cash than spend it on improvements that would satisfy most of us. I think the time of tightening the money fist came at the same time they declared Scarcity.

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Kids these days, never happy with what they get, smh.

Here’s the intro video for Alliance Tournament 10 - Day 8, from 2012. We were quite happy with it then.
And the accent didn’t bother us, it was considered cool. So, what is it you want instead @Hadrian_Tobran ?!


Maybe an electronic Robotic voice?

I think the host commentator for the AT matches should be Eve’s most famous and well known AI, our beloved Aura…

Could have Aura co-host the AT matches with Alton Haveri of Scope News…


I’ve already wrote why I was disappointed above. I’m not going to keep writing it but will add that I don’t care what the guy sounds like.

I could imagine a motion cap setup for either, using a real dev/commentator, and use the old Aura voice (or Alton) to transform speech. Tough but should be possible. Also pretty sure this would end up in the “maybe in the future but not likely” box of ideas :smiley: Hell, I couild even imagine 3D motion capping a commentator, lol.

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I was going to take The Mick, but after re-reading you did a fair job yourself.

Removed vifeo link a play-on-words that was lost on the audiance. No animals were harmed in this process and no pride has been seriously impaired.

Evidently my zeal to defend ISD with a little lite ribbing was both unwanted and unneeded. Apologies to all who care for them.

To the person(s) who felt it appropriate to try to censor my post: embrace the truth, so it may set ye free. Also, grow a pair.

Nothing good comes out of these types of threads so it has been closed

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