This "expansion" is a serious disappointment

This patch (it is absurd to call it an expansion) adds absolutely nothing positive to the game for me.

I don’t own a station to paint, I am not excited by a handful of new player high sec missions, I will never own and likely rarely encounter a T2 dread, and the marauder nerf is poorly thought out and irrelevant. As for faction war, the only thing you managed to do was to make it objectively worse.

Who is excited about SP taxes? Certainly not the people actually EARNING that SP. They just lose.

Regular players of faction war got NOTHING from this expansion. Zero. CCP didn’t even bother doing the long overdue tweaks to sites and such that people have been begging for. Nothing new in the LP point store. Just nothing. You guys have moved on.

This was your 20th anniversary. You had one shot tov do something really amazing. Thanks to this joke of a patch, instead of being excited about the future I am just disappointed with the game and angry with your company. What a failure.


SP taxes?

I thought they introduced LP taxes?

It would be silly if corporations could tax people based on how many skill points they gained…

First time?

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Yeah, i probably shouldn’t expect any better. In the same way i expect nothing more than the traditional forum disagreement with every point i made, the first fifty posts claiming to love LP taxes and that station pants are just what they always wanted (likely posted by people who aren’t in fac war and dont own a station). So yes, i understand how pointless it is to post this thread at all.

And we both know CCP will never read it, or give it a moment’s thought if they did. They care about the opinions of null sec mega block leaders and that’s pretty much it.

But i had to try, because i know damn well there are other players out there as frustrated with this nonsense as i am.


Do you serve Fries with your Salt ?

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People who didnt like Wormholes thought Aprocrypha was piss too.


At least WHs are permanent, not like structure paint

Is it actually reasonable for any of us to expect that every patch/expansion/whatever has something in it for us as individuals?

Eve is an enormous game with a huge variety of playstyles, career paths, cultures and sub-cultures within the player base. I’m not sure that they could deliver something for every player every patch even if they wanted to.

If they hardly ever (or never) introduce something for your chosen playstyle then thats a different issue.

I dont have a problem that some patches/expansions won’t have something in them specifically for me, so long as the sandbox overall is progressing - that stuff is there for me, should I ever choose to engage with it and is probably helping to keep the overall ecosystem healthy. Maybe a patch that looks like its null sec focused actually helps me in high sec enormously because of secondary effects on population, trade, production etc.

Seems a weird thing to get excited about, unless what you really mean is that they never put stuff in the game that is relevant to you, in which case I would be asking myself why I was still playing at all.

Definitely don’t get the complaint about LP taxes either. If you’re in a group shouldn’t you want to contribute to it? If you think your corp doesn’t use its resources for your benefit thats a commentary on the corp not the system.

Understand if this is weird to you but I am happy for the corp to passively take contributions from me as tax in this way, I am contributing with zero additional administrative effort on mine or the corps behalf, thats a win in my book.


You know not EVERYONE will be catered to? Man, I wish CCP finally added flames on hulls near death like they said some years ago. (Tossed around at fanfest)

When was the last time we incursion runners got a direct patch? You don’t see us whining?
When was the last time missions were worked on? Don’t see the mission runners every patch whining?

And yet… You are still here! It’s like how many people hate toxic games like COD, Dota 2, League of Legends, Fortnite and so much more but millions still play these games and more.

You cannot escape it. This is it for modern MMOs :smiling_imp: Everything else is outdated graphics to my knowledge.

Yeah for an “expansions” that was announced as a big release its quit dogs…t. Most of the stuff is total irrelevant for me.


Lot of people who like EvE also don’t like taxes in real life either.

Some CSM members for totally random example.

I would hope that EVERY expansion offers at least something for every, or at least most, players. I would think that was the point of an expansion. Particularly the 20th anniversary expansion.

What percentage of players own stations to decorate? What percentage own or even care about T2 dreads? Just how many fac warfare pilots do you suppose were saying ‘Forget the faction fixes and updates we have been asking for, what fac war really needs is more taxes!’

It is what it is, and CCP doesn’t give a damn anyway.


A very large amount of players uses player-owned structures on a daily basis, and will see these new structure skins.

Sadly got to agree. If Viridian was rolled back tomorrow, the only way i would realize would be by having a slightly less horrible UI. Usually i am super hyped for game updates and expansions, but Viridian did spark zero excitement for me. Not before the update and not once it dropped. It felt like a normal patch day. Some little things changed, thats it. Opportunities is a terrible mess. The Evermarks that were meant to be a sink for ships (?) are thrown at you in daily challenges now. But i do not care. I got about 20k EM so far, thats how interesting they are to me. What else changed? I can not remember because everything in this update is so insignificant to me. Big things not being anchorable anymore could turn out to be fun. Maybe. Lets see.

Hoping for the next expansion to be an expansion.

It is exciting when I warp through some podunk lowsec tutorial system and there’s a big announcement, “SUPPLY DEPOT DESTROYED”. I always brace for the confetti and balloons, but fortunately I’m in the next system before that happens.

Dear OP,

On behalf of CCP I would like to apologize that not EVERY expansion caters to your EVERY whim. Clearly you are the most important player in EVE and CCP should give you a direct line of communication in recognition of your stupendous importance.


Thank you!

Man, do not waste your life on trololos on this forum. As you can see, they are always the same- same names, same talk, same head in the sand mode.

Say your thing and do not get bothered by trololos.

You are going to be quite disappointed in most if not all active games that release patches then.

Few weeks you are going to be doing the same ole New Eden stuff you do. :slight_smile: Still remaining bitter yet playing or subscribing or plexing in the game.

lol did you actually have faith in CCP? lol
Seriously though, I think its one of the best patches for the over all health of the game in a very long time. They made a few disastrous changes and some that are outright bad… but thats ok too.

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