Remember When

Players were excited for Expansions?

Probably not for most of you since you’ve mostly been here for only a few years. But there was a time when the excitement was something to behold come expansion day here in the ol’ EVE-O forums.


Oh, yeah. I 'member.

I also remember when they took hours, if not more than a day to deploy.


I can’t believe how dead these forums are.

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I too remember. Waiting months and months for much needed fixes that could’ve been added in a small update.
I remember a couple of days where the server would have major issues (Worse than the current things) as they worked all of the bugs out of the larger content updates.

0/10 would not suggest the old system.

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Not since 2011.

There have been few expansions since the summer of rage that have created huge excitement.

There have been a number that have created significant discussion before release (eg. Aegis sov, Capital rebalance, T3D introduction with the Svipul, industry overhall, jump fatigue and jump range restriction), but not a huge amount of excitement.

About the last expansion that delivered on any sort of excitement was with Wormholes back in 2009, which also brought T3Cs.


There was always the announcement to “train a long skill”. Ah the good ol days


God, you people do nothing but whine.

People still melt down at the slightest hint of change, nothing has changed.

And the last time people got really excited was for citadels.


No one here is whining…except for maybe you about your so-called whiners.


So not much has changed.

Not saying it hasn’t improved some. I’m just saying not by much.

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Much needed fixes were deployed to TQ in between big expansions. And considering that CCP leaves broken content, broken ships, faulty mechanics and features broken and untouched for months and years makes your point moot. Ishtars, T3D, Agency window, Industry window since introduction, Beta Map which behaves like an alpha state feature but was lifted out of beta into a fully functional feature years ago, Titans and Super Capitals, Rorquals, and so on.

Crucible created the most positive feedback out of all expansions in the last 10 years. Never since has CCP received so much praise for doing their job.

Pepperidge farm remembers?


This looks like a whine to me.

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Granted, that looks like a whine, but you started off with “You people”. That implies all of us. There are plenty of other threads where you could apply your edginess. This was not one of them.

I miss the big expansions that were accompanied with a lot of hype and excitement. The only monthly expansion that has gotten me excited was the introduction of citadels, everything else has been “meh” at best.

I believe CCP would be better off doing two big expansions with great content and 2 small expansions to do ship re-balances and tidy up little things within the game.

Promotion creates exposure, which creates hype, which creates player interest, which creates new accounts and more players. Keeping new toys away for 6 months makes players crave new content. There is no hype with these monthly deployments and I think player declining numbers have shown the result of that.

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I’ve dreaded the last 3 updates. All dumb hacks done with a hammer.


Remember when CCP was a small company with less than 20 employees, and could barely keep the servers up?

Remember when they didnt put out an update for months at a time?

Now that they are communicating with community nearly daily and rolling out updates almost every 6 months, you all want to complain about not being excited?

Spoiled rotten.


Sure they are. As long as people hang out on reddit and not these “official” forums. See the latest locked threads for a great example of discovering and discussing new mechanics only on 3rd party platforms.

edit - But look quick. Bird boy has an itchy delete finger today.


I can. Anyone saying anything remotely interesting gets banned.


Member when Concord was killable

One of the best parts of new expansions, was the new login screens. The current login screen is horribly lame compared to the old ones. It’s like they’re redesigning the whole thing to cater to multiboxers/botters.