So, the much lauded, much anticipated, Invasion update is...broken, completely

Nothing new in CCP having a non-existant QA department, nice to see the same old being the same old.

Congrats guys /proud! :trumpet:


I’m shocked!

help tackled in belt

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rip covetor shoulda fit multispectral everything

I don’t think it’s broken, you just don’t combine the pieces of information correctly. :wink:

You probably are correct with CCP feeling like :


To me your statement is nothing more than someone who doesn’t understand and instead of trying to understand they throw a fit and attack.

Elaborate on what you think is broken…or just continue on in ignorance.

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It is a standard/universal whine thread. The OP forgot to fill in the blanks before posting it.


Is there a template we can use?

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CCP is completely clueless about: Select One: Customer Support/DDoS/Highsec Ganking/Bots

Select One: Think of the Newbros/I’m Unsubbing/Eve is Dying

Back in 2011 we didn’t have these problems because everything was perfect. CCP needs to: Select One: Give us more stuff/Give us less stuff/Make the game more challenging/Make the game more mainstream

Optional: Riff on how you are a software developer IRL and are uniquely qualified to have the only valid opinion.

Rough draft/work in progress


Thanks, but can’t you make it multiple choice or some such for all of those options? I shouldn’t have to do any thinking if I’m complaining!

Most people just fill it out once and just keep re-posting the same thing.

Try singing

How about ‘All Of The Above’?

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But I AM! :grin:

There was a NASA guy on here a while ago. Nobody wanted to listen to him, either. Forums are for trolling, not for serious debates.

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Hi-sec system that was .6 is now effectively .3. Congratz to the determined players who didn’t give up.
Now stop your whining and jump on the backs of the glorious and ride their coat tails to victory.

Hey There,

Good feedback is essential to a healthy and balanced game.

This however is neither helpful nor useful. I reference the rules quoted below:

3. Post constructively.

Negative feedback can be very useful to further improve EVE Online if it is presented in a civil and factual manner. All users are encouraged to honestly express their feelings regarding EVE Online and how it can be improved. Posts that are non-constructive, insulting or in breach of the rules will be deleted regardless of how valid the ideas behind them may be. Users are also reminded that posting with a lack of content also constitutes non-constructive posting.