Are you excited for the next expansion?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Don’t know
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Just personal ship SKINs. No idea what it’s going to cost, so my excitement may be tempered when finally released…

Zarzak content when?

Details on ‘making space worth it again’ ?

Details will be released after the fact, not before.

Oh, like when CCP warned everyone about the player owned stations switching to faction citadels ?

No, more like recent content patches that release dev blogs (not explaining anything) and (un)detailed information about ship balancing and other changes after they were released.

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So the typical ‘we value player feedback’ that is code for ‘lololol you subbed for a year, what are you going to do, cancel it? lololol’…



Never mind the next expansion. I’m excited to get our daily Dchill poll…as it constitutes scientific proof that stuff can just spontaneously emerge out of nowhere for no reason.


Doesn’t that invalidate the question “Can I has your stuff?”

Another one? Already? FFs…

Getting ready for the next expansion



No, why would I be? Its a sandbox I make my own “expnasion”. I do what I want to and at this point its level 4 security mission.

Hyping yourself sets you up for disappointment. I try to avoid that.

What expansion?

Maybe we’ll get spaceship nose art for Evermarks …


No not really. I don’t engage with expnasion content at all. I like doing security missions.