Last 4 Eve Expansions i have spent logging on to turn off / disable new horrible features

Always used to get excited when CCP released an expansion - but the last 4 expansions I have spent disabling the “exciting” (ccp) "terrible (playerbase) new content - the fact there seems to be no feedback mechanism between the test server and live game just shows how archaic and ea orientated things are now - I guess I have no optimism for the next one - in before it is some horrible content that we can’t disable and is forced upon us - as far as the apple from the tree goes - the fruit soured long ago. Anybody disagree? I guess we will get new skins and the cow milked at the very least next expansion. Enjoy (I guess)


i guess some people will disagree and love the expansions that came out. I don’t know, some things changed for the better some didn’t. So I guess it’s been like this since 2006. If they add a pure PVE items I guess a PVPer won’t be terribly exited and if there is some new PVP only thing then the PVEer will be angry as they think CCP has abandoned them.

EVE has continuously sucked for the last 2.5 years of expansions.

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Speak for yourself.

I’ve seen no terrible features. Some of them not very exciting to me personally, but definitely not terrible. Some were even pretty exciting, like the new Jump Gates.

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that people who rage post on Reddit and/or the forums represent the playerbase at large. In my experience they (we) are rarely shouting about things that most players give two farts about.

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The camera shake and wobble comes to mind.
After building a new PC, I then had to turn off some of those ‘exciting’ features.

FozzieSoft? The new map? Camera? Chat system?
Maybe you don’t remember the month of ‘banging a gong’ everytime you got a ship kill.

I’ve played this game for long enough to be long in the tooth - the last 4 expansions have been terrible - I have disabled every new feature that ccp tried to promote as “exciting” because they were terrible - case in veritas


In all honesty if @CCP_Falcon underpins the ethos of the old community and the game we all used to love - he is of course tied to not being critical of where we are now and can’t comment, but alas - please next expansion don’t give us “exciting new horrible needless features” to be disabled on the next patch day thanks


Yes, me! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


They dont really do expansions though do they? does some random pve event like frostbite count as an expansion? they only thing they expand on are skins, that cash cow must be flogged and rinsed for every penny. They dont even do the new release videos any more, now it is just bug fixes, skins and medicore events.

Not like they used, to, no.

Everybody is entitled to their opinions of course. The reality is having played for close to 10 years on docked and undocking characters - all the exciting new features that ccp have introduced in the last 4 expansions have been absolute remove / disable / set unblink for any any older player on day 1 of expansion - even when they redid the ships on overview - that was terrible and not needed - do new players benefit from any of this, I really doubt it - because eve isn’t playing the game solo with terrible interface - it is getting out there and flying with other people. Whoever is signing off all this exciting new content at ccp clearly doesn’t play the game, but alas, I guess we’ll get new skins etc. The fact they don’t even listen to feedback from the test server just shows how corporate driven the game is now. I’m not being critical - i’m just wondering what terrible new thing that isn’t needed I will have to disable next expansion


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