I used to look forward to updates. Now i dread them

Every time i see an “upcoming update” notification, i get a sense of dread and wonder what CCP is going to destroy next.

Every single update for the past 2 or so years has been a mixed bag at best. They’re usually just detrimental punishments and nerfs and fun killers.

I look at this marketing image trying to make the update look cool, and i’m just alienated by it.

Theres nothing cool and fun about the update. its just more punishments and nerfs and “we are doing this for your own good” beatings


normal thing… you will play a little longer and you will get used to it…


I’m not so sure.

I’ve been playing for 10+ years. I’ve got lots of other IRL stuff going on these days.

Every “new update feature yayyay” message i get in my inbox just brings anxiety and all the other IRL things start looking more interesting.


What’s your issue with the current update? I skimmed over it and I have mixed feelings but it doesn’t look like they’re punishing people with it.

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Its going to be one of the most well received updates in recent years. No doubt.

Bringing back some mining chars that have been dormant this will be serious isk making.

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How many Rorquals do you own?

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i just finished training my second.

But, that s aid, i have 12 procurer alts i just trained expecting this.

I know exactly why CCP is making this change. It will turn my 2 subs into 12 subs. I’m not sure i want to keep playing this game with its diminishing returns.


For me all the new updates just feel super boring!
Most is just rebalancing, drones getting nerfed/buffed.
Nothing new going on…

They should call this quadrant the sunset


I love change. I look forward to it. I act like an excited schoolgirl the night before dev blogs come out. But this wasn’t always the case. I used to get frustrated and angry. In fact, if you look, you can find posts of me complaining in old dev blog threads.

But I eventually changed my attitude, and came to understand that change was opportunity -and I don’t just mean buffs or rebalances. I mean all change -including nerfs -including resource scarcity.

Now, this is where I’d normally tell my story about how I transitioned from bitter vet to… jaunty old timer… exuberant dinosaur… well, I’m still workshopping names for the opposite of a bitter bet, but I digress. The truth of the matter is that I’m currently questioning whether my spiel will do any good. I keep trying to tell people how my attitude change has helped me to grow as a player and have more fun, but people’s minds already seen made up. I get upvotes from the same people, argued with by the same people, and ignored by everyone else. I mean, I have essentially made this same post a dozen times now, and I somehow doubt that it will be the last.

Hell, I’ll be lucky if I even get a response out of you. Don’t get me wrong, you don’t seem as angry and bitter as previous posters, but I seriously doubt that you came here looking for guidance or perspective. In fact, the last thing you probably want to hear right now is me telling you that you’re doing it wrong.


I think I need to reach people before they turn into exhausted and bitter vets.

Ugh, my to do list grows faster than I can mark things off of it.

Anyway, I’d be happy to talk more about this with you if you want. But if not, I am obligated by forum rules to ask -can I have your stuff?
No P2W


I like change too. But change for change’s sake isnt good.

Take the skill window for example. It is objectively worse and they have shown no signs of fixing it. There was zero need for the change. They just wanted to “update” it and they ruined it in the process. Now it will exist in its ruined state for years to come.

There’s no “new perspective” that’s going to make me want to consume this turd sandwich. I know, millions of flies might love it. It might be full of nutrients that plants can use. But its just not appealing to me.

I literally have 12 accounts ready for procurer mining, because i expected this to happen. I was prepared for this change, and can survive it if i want to. The problem is, i’ve found other hobbies and things to do in life. The turd sandwich has competition.

Eve isnt developed by Eve players anymore. The game was originally developed by a bunch of nerds who wanted to make their dream game. Now its a corporation trying to maintain and milk a product for revenue.

“b-b-but if they make a great game they’ll make more money!” but when you prioritize money instead of just plain fun, you end up with no fun and no money either. They used to prioritize fun, and the money came flowing in because of it.


Better Vet.

You won’t really see the good that you do. You can’t compare timelines to see the problems you didn’t have or the people who didn’t fall down the rabbit hole because of what you say.

However, you can ask yourself: Is it possible that what I wrote could affect a person’s future decisions for the better? If the answer, in your best judgement, is ‘yes’ then it probably makes a difference and keeping it relevant in the current discussions on the current changes is an overall benefit even if you can’t tell which posts are having that impact.

Old people change slowly. That could be why we don’t like it much, but a consistent soft touch can move a mountain one grain at a time. Even some older folk can be brought around if you’ve got the patience.

Mind, it’s not on you to make that change at your expense, but if this is not an effort that comes at cost to you and you’re just asking if it’s worth it to even try, then I think it is.


New mining update looks good.

Little fun, but still pretty good.

Can you just quit the game already?


unless you mine in rorqs you’re now mining more than before. Speed wasn’t even really nerfed and total yield is the same as before the changes with rorqs. Not to mention being able to burn through crap ore to force respawns is helpful.

Everything else got a pretty strong buff. with just a small nerf to proc/skiff tank

Welcome to the @CCP_Rattati era of EVE development.

He literally said the players need to be punished and never rewarded.


If that’s true, then @CCP_Rattati is the greatest developer in computer game history. It’s time to stop catering to crybaby whiny players!

All hail CCP Rattati Playerbane!!!



Dusk is the point when the sun is at 18 degrees below the horizon and there is no longer any sunlight in the sky.

But…can we call it DUSK???

Do you remember when the Neocom had colorful and easy to discern icons?

Why they went backward on that one, I’ll never understand.

So good for the game. You’re an inspiration to others. :heart_decoration:

Like c0d3.? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

To be fair CCP could change the name from update to error retractions, we’ve got a decade of corruption & 4 years of account number pumping prior to PA sale to reverse.

I always advocated for a full server restart to be honest. People bawked at this solution but I could see a thousand cuts ‘‘poverty patching’’ losing just as many subs. A full server restart & mandatory $ sub might still be in the cards towards the end. Or Eve 2.0 which is just a server restart dressed up.