Latest update

I really wish whoever thinks all this needs done gets fired ever since new update lag is bad now not even see blue around like wh bookmarks either wtf Just leave game way was originally christ sakes if want do all these changes then on side develop new version not corrupt original

This is very useful feedback. Thanks.


I just not understand what CCP trying do with game? was not long ago made marauders decent now bleh again I for one tired spend real money for plex too train into there only be nerfed soon as do spend 60 bucks for ship not any better then was before made viable. back to over priced shyte Only thing on update seen was good was Krono’s it needed some love but far as rest was really no need do anything they died as any ship no need for caps as CCP said DUMB DUMB DUMB this is why i really think about stop playing after 11 yrs seeing how now when try do or get into something yu nerf or take original traits away as example interceptor people trained so could get through bubbles not cause ship now have use mod that times out bye time get to next gate if longer AU and die again dumb

Yes they should have left the game exactly like it was when they released it! How dare they attempt to improve the game at all!

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