Good job CCP

I would like to take a minute and instead of complaining like everyone else is, congratulate CCP on their accomplishments so far.

Sure the games population is at a all time low and riddled with bugs, and the pay to win keeps going up

but they added a alliance tournament agan, and new nice skin packs

I feel it not ccp fault game going down hill, it the players fault, we need to give them more of out money then they can make the game nicer,


The game population is fine. It’s not about quantity but quality.
NO it’s not “riddled” with bugs, it’s your crappy PC.
Pay2Win only bothers whiners. NO ONE is putting a gun to your head to buy anything.


Would you like some cheese with that whine?


It’s both. CCP literally responds to the players ruining the game. They’re complicit.

Only if we were to meet in Dalaran.

(Cheese Shop; (also known as One Last Glass) is a shop in Dalaran that sells wine, bread, and cheese. It is located next to the Barbershop on the northeastern side of the city.

No chance in hell.

Same, I had uninstalled and came to New Eden.

Wait you mean with me or that game? Or Both?

Everyone is giving CCP a hard time, however EVE is the only game where it’s widely regarded that winning it involves the act of uninstalling.

After many years of failing to win, CCP is just giving players more pathways to achieve that final victory.

Huzzah CCP. Huzzah.


Just the game. I don’t know you so how could I say no chance in hell on you?

I am like an Orc that plays a Blood Elf

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I’d give you a Like but unfortunately I’ve already used up my small allowance of Likes today.

I think your post should include the graphics department. The recent update has reduced sun glare in various systems which I truly appreciate. It’s also reduced lag on my computer and the environment scenes load up much more quickly, especially pertaining to the Parade Fleets. And all the work done on the event sites looks excellent. In fact, I’ve taken way more screenshots this past week than I have done in the past year.

Overall I think the graphics update has brought back much of Eve’s beauty that we all remember and love. Now if CCP can just get some of the explosions back to how they were before then it’ll be perfect.

Speaking of screenshots, I recently warped in on a crime scene where Concord was investigating the murder of a Capsuleer near a 0.5 system sun.


I guess I’ll be losing at EVE until the servers are shut down :pensive:


Yeah me too. I’m such a loser (and happy about it).


what quality.

Its all alts of 5-25 toon and upwards multiboxers and the rest is bots.

If you argue for quality I can easily argue that both quantity and quality went downhill.


i think you all ■■■■■ too much. game is wonderfull. period.

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Fight too much? Eve is a fighting game and we all like a good fight.

So you say.

Indeed I do

ah yes, alwasy the player fault
are you an EA fanboy ?