What has happened to this game?

I have that headset!

The broken record is you and your ilk constantly posting old BS.

So it’s 15 days or less in the game, boohoo, I missed it by 1 day. That study should have been done on players with 30 days or less since Rookie chat lasts for that long.

And yes it wasn’t done because the stats would have been much different.


Obviously there was an issue. Guess you forgot when they changed the rules and said new players were not to be messed with in the starter systems and also increased the list of systems to include some of the SoE level 1 Epic Arc systems.

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I don’t mean to be a rude but you are telling me you are playing since 2003 and haven’t heard of suicide ganking until now ?

Reeks of a bait thread.


That was back in 2012 and 2013, when player numbers were at the level the OP remembers. Maybe softening the game is at fault then?

That’s not what I believe, but as a position it has as much logic (none) as the grr ganking rubbish that get’s posted and white knighted in the forum.

For someone who goes on about old things being brought up, you sure seem to focus on some old changes.


‘waagh people won’t let me be dishonest’.

And if they did 30 days, you’d demand 60. Then 120. Then a year. And so on and so on.


I have played eve on and off since 2005.
The community has become so toxic now, that i actually consider to just biomass every thing and delete my accounts. The game is a giant circle jerk of these meta playing elitists.
Even on the forum you can’t make a post without being overwhelmed by these forum warriors, ridiculed and trolled to the extent that people don’t feel comfortable making a post.
Hell, even the developers have stopped engaging with the community, and i can understand why.

I think the problem is partly toxic members of the community getting a foothold, and CCP making a few critical ideological mistakes over the years.

  1. Suicide ganking is a broken mechanic. I’m sure CCP has lost hundreds of potential subscribers if not thousands because of this.
  2. Rampant scam spam in trade hub locals is a highly anti social behavior that CCP condones. (I think scamming is ok, just not how it’s facilitated)
  3. Plex and skill injectors. (A lot of players who sell this for $ will complain here.)

Fact of the matter is, in my honest opinion, eve is now a cesspool of RME players, where there is no real incentive to play the game.





Anyway, why are people getting their panties twisted over a low-hanging fruit bait thread? There’s a whole bunch of tells in the OP and no one should be falling for them at this point.


It’s a subjective opinion, it’s perfectly fine to construct the sentence like that. But thanks for proving my point.

I think it’s cause currently there are no relevant threads open for the regs to go on the usual back-and-forth “discussion” that never results in anything.

We need threads like these from time to time, to just get it all out of our systems.

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Yeah, nothing major, just the first few words are superfluous and don’t really add anything.

“Fact of the matter is, in my opinion”


“In my opinion”

Nothing major. Your opinion is as valid as anyone else’s.

Sure that may have been in 2012/2013 but considering CCP’s track record, it takes them a long time just to acknowledge an issue in-game and even longer for them to address it.

As for loss of player retention due to softening the game, that’s possible. Over the years CCP has lowered the skill requirements to where brand new players can easily access larger ships without actually training up the support skills making it easier for them to quickly lose the ship, which could be part of the poor retention issue.

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I’m just amused at how quickly people can contradict themselves sometimes.

It’s one hell of an oxymoron don’t you think?


What a joke you are, the discussion was about new players and since Rookie chat lasts for 30 days, then that’s the time status of being a new player, not 60 days, 90 days, 120 days, etc.


I’m sorry that you are operating on such a low resolution. It’s neither. But if you need to get hung up over this to justify your self, go ahead.

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Yeah i still see someone pulling the ‘no true scotsman’.

Nothing is a ‘new player’ unless it agrees with your narrative. And when the data is absent it agrees with you by default.

This from a ‘trusted’ player. :rofl:


You have to join the corp to find out, or send me 5 billion isk.

Nobody is going to teach you for free.

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I see, that’s a good point. In that case, I’ll do my part.

Hey OP, why are you trying to “relax” in a game made for hardcore PvP? You wouldn’t go to a whorehouse for bible study, would you? Well, I mean, I guess you could, but it would be a very particular type of bible study, and I’m pretty sure it would mean that you can’t go to heaven afterwards anyway.