What has happened to this game?

I have played this game on and off since its initial release. I have always only ever played it and paid for a sub as that is why I play games to get the maximum benefit to do what I want when I want.
So, I know your all going to say oh he’s a care bear etc but that’s fine. Didn’t bother me back in 2003 and it doesn’t bother me now.
I play this game to relax and chill out, maybe after a hard days work or at weekends as part of wanting to relax. So, I transport goods, I mine and I run courier missions because that is what I like to do in game.

What I have discovered though about this game is firstly, at peak times it used to be around 45 thousand players online at peak times sometimes more. Now yesterday 25 thousand. I wonder if any of that has something to do with the fact that people can just blow you up in high sec now and seemingly get away with it without too much of a repercussion for them. Because I enjoy this game and I know things can happen, but when your in high sec carrying nothing else but a frigate, a basic mining ship and a cheap industrial in your cargo and someone just waits for you to jump into a 0.6 system and blows you up that to me is when it can impact on your enjoyment. For them, I am sure its great fun blowing things up but for the people trying to enjoy other aspects of the game now it seems your exposed and unprotected.

I noticed the guy go red and flashed, but that just means he might have to jump out of the system and they wouldn’t do it if there was any more serious repercussions would they?

I then get an e mail form somebody saying join our corp and we will teach you pvp. You need to learn how to protect yourself, what in an industrial? How the hell do you do that? I dont like pvp and I have never engaged in it as it is not my playstyle, so are you going to say to all the care bears and industrialists in Eve dont play the game anymore if you dont like pvp and have those customers leave the game as well?


“Okay,” he says before breathing in deeply…

Nothing wrong with enjoying the PvE aspects of the game. Nothing wrong with being a straight up carebear either. However, this is a highly competitive, PvP-centric game. And if that’s not what you want out of the game, you should go play something else that caters to your desires.

Second, gankers suffer plenty of repercussions. Not sure why people keep insisting otherwise.

Third, ganking is actually balanced in favor of prey. People keep dying not because the inverse is true, but because there is no shortage of players doing stupid stuff. I think this is as it should be. There should be an area of space where newbros can find their footing, and where the risk adverse can hang out. However, that does not mean that I think HS should be safe. Moreover, I adamantly assert that people deserve to die when they do stupid things. That is how things work. That is how things should continue to work.

Instead of asking for their enemies to be nerfed, players who do not want to be ganked should learn proper risk management strategies. In fact, you can reduce your chances of being ganked to damn near zero if you know what you’re doing. If you want to know how, check out the “how not to be gankerbait” section of the linked post. And if you have any questions after that, feel free to ask. I will be happy to answer them.

Finally, no you will not be able to “fight back” in a hauler. However, that does not mean that you don’t have any options. If you can’t win a DPS race with gankers, then you should not try to win a DPS race with gankers. Instead, you should look to other tactics and strategies to figure out how to neutralize their threat. Believe it or not, this is rather easy. Check out the link if you want to know more.

No P2W



Funnily enough it’s because of players like yourself.

CCP have looked at ganking over the years and never found that it hurts player retention. On the contrary, in 2015 they saw that players that had been ganked were playing longer.

On the other side of the coin; carebears, even ones that were never ganked, had terrible retention rate. But they blame ganking regardless of the data, like you’re trying to do now, and eventually CCP give in and buff farming, increase safety and nerf ganking. And then player retention was described as ‘Hemorrhaging’ and the economy as ‘unsustainable’.

So well done for that…


Again with that BS, seriously you guys are like a broken record.

That CCP Rice presentation was about players with less than 2 weeks in the game, obviously they couldn’t include any more because then the stats wouldn’t be favorable.

Also that presentation didn’t prove they played longer, it just cited that 1% of those 2 week old players claimed that as the reason for quitting. Ironic how they didn’t include just how many of those 2 week old players actually provided a reason for quitting.


Because people like you and OP are like a broken record.

So not only is the ‘less than two weeks’ a lie, but so is that last part entirely conjecture.

I mean it’s right there:



You know the answer, dont you?


There’s been a lot more that they’ve presented and posted over the years.

Ultimately, if CCP thought the current situation was detrimental, they’d change it. They haven’t.

Aside from that, there are many reasons the player count is down, but we haven’t had a grrr ganking thread for a few hours, so of course, a new one comes along.


I have that headset!

The broken record is you and your ilk constantly posting old BS.

So it’s 15 days or less in the game, boohoo, I missed it by 1 day. That study should have been done on players with 30 days or less since Rookie chat lasts for that long.

And yes it wasn’t done because the stats would have been much different.


Obviously there was an issue. Guess you forgot when they changed the rules and said new players were not to be messed with in the starter systems and also increased the list of systems to include some of the SoE level 1 Epic Arc systems.

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I don’t mean to be a rude but you are telling me you are playing since 2003 and haven’t heard of suicide ganking until now ?

Reeks of a bait thread.


That was back in 2012 and 2013, when player numbers were at the level the OP remembers. Maybe softening the game is at fault then?

That’s not what I believe, but as a position it has as much logic (none) as the grr ganking rubbish that get’s posted and white knighted in the forum.

For someone who goes on about old things being brought up, you sure seem to focus on some old changes.


‘waagh people won’t let me be dishonest’.

And if they did 30 days, you’d demand 60. Then 120. Then a year. And so on and so on.


I have played eve on and off since 2005.
The community has become so toxic now, that i actually consider to just biomass every thing and delete my accounts. The game is a giant circle jerk of these meta playing elitists.
Even on the forum you can’t make a post without being overwhelmed by these forum warriors, ridiculed and trolled to the extent that people don’t feel comfortable making a post.
Hell, even the developers have stopped engaging with the community, and i can understand why.

I think the problem is partly toxic members of the community getting a foothold, and CCP making a few critical ideological mistakes over the years.

  1. Suicide ganking is a broken mechanic. I’m sure CCP has lost hundreds of potential subscribers if not thousands because of this.
  2. Rampant scam spam in trade hub locals is a highly anti social behavior that CCP condones. (I think scamming is ok, just not how it’s facilitated)
  3. Plex and skill injectors. (A lot of players who sell this for $ will complain here.)

Fact of the matter is, in my honest opinion, eve is now a cesspool of RME players, where there is no real incentive to play the game.





Anyway, why are people getting their panties twisted over a low-hanging fruit bait thread? There’s a whole bunch of tells in the OP and no one should be falling for them at this point.


It’s a subjective opinion, it’s perfectly fine to construct the sentence like that. But thanks for proving my point.

I think it’s cause currently there are no relevant threads open for the regs to go on the usual back-and-forth “discussion” that never results in anything.

We need threads like these from time to time, to just get it all out of our systems.

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