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We aren’t talking about disagreement. Disagreement is normal and fine. Trying to argue based off bad/innaccurate/incomplete information is not.

That’s what you did here.


This isn’t about disagreeing with you. This is about you reposting rumors without doing any due diligence, and refusing to accept that as the person trying to have a discussion it is your job to get your facts straight first and actually watch the CCP interview - not just third party commentary - before you claim CCP is making or has plans to make changes.


That’s not actually a nerf to industry in general.
It’s a nerf to people who do industry in NPC stations.

Would the change impact all of industry? Yes.
Would it necessarily be a bad change in the long run? No.

In the end people will just stop using NPC stations, because they have to.
They will group up into conglomerats owning, and defending**, their citadels because it’s worth it.

It seems that CCP’s/Hilmar’s long term vision is some sort of anarchistic society where people have to flock together into communities to survive, with a common enemy, the Triglavians.This makes sense considering that friendship is, according to them and tons of anecdotal evidence, the number one driving factor making people stick with the game. It’s kind of forced, of course, but that’s just a matter of perspective on the game mechanics. It makes sense to have mechanics in place which naturally make you wish to group up.

Anyhow, I’m pretty sure that a few more years will have to pass …
… until they can safely phase out NPC stations to get rid of the old code.

It’s not like they’d just be releasing this without making sure “the world” can actually handle the change.

**(either by themselves or through hired guns, but lots of industrialists also do ship combat, or vice versa)

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How about ccp rest the production side of the industry. I would have to suggest that it goes back to 2010.

This would give limited slots for production, research, and copies.

I remember it as it would take days or even weeks to get the job done.

In my eyes what would this do, it would bring in the production closer to the destruction lines.

This would push for more citadels.

I am sure this would help eve economy as a hole.

As for the risk to reward factor, this would rather mean you would wait for your reward, or take the risk and get a citadel.

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