CCP why? If its true that is. There is that

Just heard from a content creator on YouTube that CCP is thinking about possibly DOING AWAY WITH NPC INDUSTRY?

Is this serious? I hope not. I really do. I know its YouTube, but the person does seem to be pretty well informed. They are usually right.

Man if I wanted to join a corp I would. I have been in a few corps, and due to my schedule and the fact that I do enjoy rolling solo I dropped out.

Now this. First the mining changes, and though I hated them, I worked with them.

Now this. Man what the hell. Big alliances and big corps are good to go.

Little old solo players spending and grinding doing what they like to do not so much.

I do not care if I catch flack for this, but come on man. Think of the little guy. We contribute to.

Not as much as a big alliance but still.


Hillmar made brief comments in an interview for Fireside Chat that some players are taking as a statement of intent.

Hillmar’s comments were, in context, about his vision of a ‘perfect’ EVE - but not an expression of ‘here are changes on the roadmap for EVE development’.

Is CCP looking at potential tweaks to industry activity in NPC stations? Yes. (They are looking at about a million things at any given time, so take that with a grain of salt for potential to actually implement anything.)

Do we have any details about the scope of changes being considered or their potential impact on industrialists? No.


Other than my belief that skillbook prices would rocket to the moon, I don’t see the issue with doing away with NPC industry.

Particularly anything that could not be balanced with changes to PC industry, such as more available production slots and cheaper use of NPC industry equipment.

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It would be better to just listen to the segment yourself. In context it makes sense


I see a problem with doing away with it. If they take out NPC stations as a viable option, then yeah its a problem for me. I do and still do some things in Citidals, it is however a pita to find out that the station owner either A. stopped fueling the thing, or B, it was destroyed.

I have had both happen in the middle of production or research. Now my stuff that made it through sits in asset safety. Another thing rumors buzz about doing away with.

I stopped grinding day and night a while back. Now I play for pleasure, and if it takes me longer to get there, or I never get there then so be it.

Not looking to get space rich. I do not have to “win” Eve. I don’t give a fig about sovereignty, nor do I care for null sec politics. Corps I have been in turned out to be placer corps or corps where they need you on 24/7 it seems. Usually I cannot play often enough to really contribute much anyway. So I role solo. Before the “Eve is not meant to be solo thing”, no duh.

Anyway the mineral changes were a pita. I still do it for myself because I enjoy it. But it makes it harder. I mine odd hours now usually at night in low to get what I need there. An over watch for the rats is a must.

The drone aggression changes make it a pita now for miners. And nobody mines afk, being that the afk’rs were CCP’s beef. Z kill boards main red meat are miners in Ventures and Retrievers.

Who does that? More than once? Now this thing has come up. Its my gripe. I pays my money so I gripe.

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I am sure that’s true. I have to admit that I did not watch the video in question. And after re-reading, it seems I did not understand the issue here.

All this could have been avoided however, with a little known and arcane computer technique I hope becomes mainstream one day. This might be interesting reading for some folks:

There are multiple wholly unnecessary threads about this subject already, and the actual interview is already linked in other threads. Reposting the link is not an obligation any user has other than the person trying to start the discussion - which would be the OP, who hasn’t bothered to watch the video, only a vlogger’s commentary on said video.

There’s really no point having discussion on this particular thread because the OP wasn’t willing to do even basic fact-checking of the rumor he heard before trying to stir up worries.

Try out this thread if you want to see the video and weigh in on it:
Hilmar want to remove or correct NPC station and Assest Safety in Eve!


Which is why I recommended the OP actually watch the video.

I generally subscribe to an older and these days, even more arcane idea.

Originally it would go “Give a person a fish and they will eat for a day, Teach a person to fish and they will eat for life”

or more apropos, “Give a person a link, and they may become more informed for one thread. Encourage a person to search for the information and they may become more informed for all topics”

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This is getting extremely ridiculous extremely fast. Your post coming after mine, I thought that was meant for me.

And I have no idea why you think the OP did not watch the video. It sounds like he did.

Both policies contain practical flaws, but I shall focus on the second:

  1. Youtube is AFAIK the largest repository of publically available videos of all sorts in the world. That being the case, and not armed with an exact title for a search, it is quite possible to find and watch multiple different videos with conflicting information and still not know which is the correct video being discussed or even if its included. That will lead to problems I should think are obvious.

  2. Literal decades of experience hunting information without a proper video title (which is even easier to cut and paste than a link as its usually shorter and usually contains text only with no symbols) has taught me that I can usually, but not always get some sort of information if not the exact page/video in question. This was one of those times I could not. And before anyone even thinks of insisting THEY could, easily, please remember that everyone gets different search results depending on what cookies they have in their browser and/or algorythyms assigned by their particular accounts. I searched and got nothing.

In short, post your links and make things smooth. Or don’t and enjoy a discussion akin to marching through a bog.

Thank you.

Response has a great deal to do with how the original statement is made. Had OP posted ‘I saw commentary from a third party about a CCP interview. I’m having trouble finding the interview in question. Here is a link to the video commentary; can someone help me find the interview they are talking about?’ any number of people would have readily given them the link because that is what they were seeking in their post.

Instead, OP posted with an acknowledgement that the source may be incorrect, and wanted to know if the statements of the third party were true - without even providing a link to said third party to let anyone else evaluate those statements. When the OP isn’t willing to put in effort on their ask, most of us aren’t going to go out of our way to do their legwork for them and get them the resource they didn’t even try googling for first.

There is a reason LMGTFY is a thing.

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Pretty clear the OP did NOT watch the CCP video.

CCP just had a very publicized “Fireside chat” Literally linked in the game launcher among other places. That is a very specific video to find, and easy to search for.

I’m not talking about overarching general “go find it” stuff. If there was some obscure reference I would post that for clarity. In this case the video in question is already linked in several other duplicate threads already. And it is easy to find.

Not to mention there is already a link in this thread. No need to duplicate that.

I wonder if that person was me? Either way to clarity I said that it was mentioned that a potential changes may be happening sometime in the future.

What this will be is anyone’s guess at the moment however CCP has stated they are not 100% happy with industry in its current state. I then go on to state why I believe this may not be bad ect.

Why is everything the sky is falling?

You seem to be out to piss me off with a bunch of unfounded contrarian statements that seem to be from some sort of goofy mirror dimension in a time loop. I think at the very least you might want to consider what “very publicized” means because I can guarantee not a single one of my neighbors would have the slightest frakking idea about anything related to EVE.

Yeah, AFTER I pointed out there was no link. What medication are you currently on?

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The same reason why douchebags post “gimmie your stuff” in quitting threads. Eve attracts a certain type of player, they’re 96% male, incel, hypocritical, and toxic to a default.


I have no control over your feelings.

I’m not sure if you just do these things on purpose, or you are from the same place as Drax in Guardians of the Galaxy (where his race took everything literally).

I think anyone reading what I wrote would come to the seemingly obvious context of the EVE community. To anyone participating on these forums and playing the game, the CCP fireside chat was a fairly pulbicized event, being that it was posted to their twitter feed, on their Youtube channel, and on the game launcher.

Yes but before I replied. I take aspirin from time to time, but not very often.

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I’m not sure what this means. Is this person saying that NPC stations might be eliminated?

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A forum representative will soon be along to berate you for not knowing exactly what that means, as since they guessed correctly, they know any idiot could. LOL

Of course you might also be told that ambiguous search terms should have led you to an answer in under 2.21 seconds using Jeeves. ROTFL

What they mean is that there is an idea about doing away with players being able to do industrial jobs in 100 percent safe NPC stations, and will instead have to manufacture items, do research on blue prints, reprocess ore, etc only in less than 100 percent safe player owned stations.

What it means is that CCP Hilmar, as he has always talked about, would like EVE to be as player driven as possible.

It means you should really listen to the original stream segment in context (It is linked further up). Hilmar was talking about a lot of things that in a perfect world he’d love to see, up to and including the removal of NPC stations altogether. He also acknowledged that we have things like NPC stations and asset safety for a reason.

What it doesn’t mean is that they have any such changes actually on the update plans. Nowhere did they say any of this was actively in the works. He was just talking about what CCP Hilmar always has talked about.

I don’t spend a lot of time on YouTube or listening to stream segments or whatever you are referring to. I have no idea who CCP Hilmar is. Thus my question here.

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And I gave a pretty extensive answer just above. CCP Hilmar is the current ceo of ccp and has been with ccp since almost the beginning during EVE’s pre release development