Recalling a CSM

If there a way to recall a CSM, like California does when they get a trash politician in that only cares about themself?

I could get the signatures!


Good luck proving anything that has not come from an individual CSMs

I doubt any such mechanism on the player side could be used for anything other than mischief.

The CEO and board of CCP has ultimate control over its creation tho; which includes the creation of the CSM. So the greatest chance of such an action is to lobby them.

I would not advise it.

I’ll go forward with it even if it kills me. I can prove Brisc was the driving force behind this horrible change.

Lmao bro give it up. All this salt because you didn’t think to bring a scanner alt with you, holy ■■■■.


Can we recall you instead Hurrel?

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Hurrel? Nice try hahaha

Half-way there. I’m not shy about who I am or where you can find me.

If you wanna put your money where your mouth is, come to my hole and try and evict me.

Post on your main then

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My main has been banned for several years, my other main was banned about 6months ago

Yes a common thread: I don’t take ■■■■ from people and am very passionate about eve

Man I wonder if there’s a common theme there huh.


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