[PROPOSAL] Allow players to petition to remove someone from CSM

Allow for a procedure with which a players can remove someone from CSM if he/she has betrayed their trust.

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This is overdue and should be in the minds of alotta peeps right now :wink:

it already exists, it is generally limited to once per year during the CSM elections.
and methods also exist outside of that, if someone has betrayed the trust of the player base on a large enough scale, then those people can always make their voices and opinions heard. enough of an uproar about someones behavior can result in them being removed.

When you can’t get 99% of HiSec off their arse to muster enough energy to push a few keys and vote in a CSM election, how in the world are you going to motivate them to create an uproar, especially with all the previous and current issues/problems with the CSM being already ignored?

If the current incident is the driver behind your request, I am not sure that any CSM rules were broken.
Ethical and social rules were broken by The Judge, but that is what EVE is all about for some.
Unless you can convince CCP that some game rule (ToS) was broken, I cannot see anyway to introduce a “recall” system that wouldn’t be abused by the larger alliances.

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I second this request.
CSM is supposed to be about relaying the issues of the playerbase to CCP. Period.

Better idea. Disband the CSM and keep players away from CCP developers. We have forums for feedback and CCP can do ingame polls if they’d bother, CSM is not needed and simply provides certain people with extended privileges.

And blatant CSM/CCP collusion in ingame politics. https://kotaku.com/how-eve-players-pulled-off-the-biggest-betrayal-in-its-1806168400


I look forwards to our future on the CSM where anyone who disagrees with the largest voting block gets removed from the CSM. Sounds very fun and representative.

Also, side-note; If the forums/Reddit/polls actually provided the depth of feedback CCP asked for, I imagine the CSM probably wouldn’t have to exist. But instead there’s maybe 1-2 posts per thread that start healthy conversations that CCP can work from.


So none of the CSM should be allowed to talk to each other about anything else?

I’d be interested to see how that’s policed :slight_smile:

While every other mmo developer has no problem getting feedback from their players without needing an elected group of sycophants, once again CCP is the special needs child in the class.

CSM can talk to themselves all they want. They shouldn’t be “hanging out” with CCP devs. Period. CSM can do their “jobs” via e-mail, they do not need personal interaction with developers ingame or out.

So you’re saying that the CSM doesn’t need summits to talk to developers in person? Something that not only developers from every team have said are incredibly useful but that the executive producer of EVE supports? At that point why bother having a CSM at all? The time to really drive home an issue that the playerbase cares about is in person, at a summit. Things that you see in game now that you love have come from a CSM summit. Things that you would have hated and would have made you quit the game were stopped at a CSM summit. Summits are where the core of the work happens.

Also, outside the office developers are just people. We talk about our lives, our families, everything you would talk about with someone you know in real life. If you think that’s something that can or should be policed then I’m sorry, you’re delusional.


Noone has done anything “bad” to me, cute deflection though. I’m just not stupid enough to believe CSM is anything other than CCP road dogs. Saying CSM was implemented to prevent dev collusion with players is like saying foxes make good hen guards. Noone believes it, no matter how hard you spin it. Also, CSM =/= focus groups or fanfest attendees. I know you’re not possibly that stupid. Fanfest = random people meeting mostly one time. Focus groups = random people meeting each time one is formed. Niether focus groups nor fanfest attendees have the devs ear and personal attention 24/7 as CSM do. Focus groups and fanfest attendees don’t get to hang out with their buddies CCP any time they wish. Get your analogies in order, mate.

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This should be allowed. A large part of trust which would allow a player to scam is given instinctively to someone with a CSM tag that CCP gives.
A player who betrays the trust of the players should no longer bear such a tag.

Furthermore and unrelated a CSM is not needed. As it does not relay the thoughts of the actual players, but of the few. Polls and questionnaires sent by CCP would do much better.

All of you nerds should be celebrating that a CSM member participated in one of the beautiful aspects of this game.

What are these standards you hold them up to? Can they not scam? Do they have to honor ransoms? Can they not play a villain?

In my opinion, as long as he / she is doing his job as a CSM member and providing CCP with feedback and insight, then they shouldn’t be limited to what they do in the sandbox. No rules were broken. Stop being babies.


Hard for CSM to break rules when their buddies CCP are the ones who make them. Disband CSM.

You’re silly. Of course CCP makes the rules. It’s their game. Please name which rules that you can prove the CSM violates?

Because you can’t explain yourself?

Because you’re apparently too dense to follow along with the thread this far.

I don’t see where CSM has broken any rules in this term. Explain yourself. You’re an emotional basket case.

Your claims of collusion are completely unfounded and based off of things you’ve seen other people say. Maybe if enough morons parrot the same thing it will be true.

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