Where is the rest is the CSM?

Mike and Brisc post in here quite often. I know iBeast and Suitonia stream. Is there and communication from the rest of the CSM? Are they in podcasts or streams or other platforms?

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I’ve wondered this myself. I suppose it’d be nice if we had a list of EVE-centric places where the CSMs talk about their duties, where we might reach out to them and hear how they’re addressing the issues of players.

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There is no CSM, only Zuul.

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Also, some CSM’s can be spotted in various discords. There is also the CSM discord.

FYI, CSM’s tend to run as subject matter experts (SME), community representatives, or as both. I’m sure SME’s will listen to various members of their community and “important”/famous Eve players, however, they aren’t as accessible to the randos. I mean, you can send them Eve mails, but at least one past CSM has openly admitted to not even reading them. Regardless, community reps (like brisc and mike) are the guys that are more responsive to the thoughts of everyday players. So, if you want more guys like that, be sure to vote for community style CSM’s in the future.

No P2W

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it is important to remember the need for a mix in CSM styles. not saying the ratio is right just pointing out there is a merit to SME and generally the more community oriented SCM members do talk to them if they learn about issues/suggestions that fits into a SMEs wheel house.

There are also CSM that either because they didn’t realize how much work it is to be a good csm member, because they lost interest, or things happened in their personal lives that they aren’t as dedicated as other members. Again not saying thats the case with any of the current ones but it is something to keep in mind and like jones pointed out joining the discord or even the reddit is a good place to hear more about current and passed csm members that could help inform your vote for future ones.

Are you sure ? When i suggest even distribution of the CSM members with some logic on context some people went total ape ■■■■ on me and they told that there is no such thing exist .

One issue I’ve seen raised with allocating seats to particular demographics was that CCP was unqualified to judge who is or isn’t a member of that demographic. Of course, CCP wouldn’t have to do that, but that doesn’t really matter -does it? You see, the people who benefit from the status quo aren’t interested in turning proposals for reform into workable solutions, but in finding reasons to bat them down. And, of course, it doesn’t help that there’s a non-insignificant amount of players who are so intent on seeing the CSM disbanded that they are uninterested in any type of reforms. Thus, the number of players who want to see reform are diminished.


Not sure we’re going to see any institutional change any time soon. Best I thing I’ve been able to come up with so far is to try to convince people to vote, and to try to help inform them as best as I can. I’d also like to see the non-bloc demographics organize better, and to start vote trading with each other. I have no doubt that the population of eligible voters outside of the nullblocs is more than enough secure a good portion of the CSM. So, the real question is can we get our act together or not.


Over the years I’ve seen very few CSM be active, and I’ve noticed it’s mostly those who were active before becoming CSM. Some I think prefer to just read without engaging, or there might be some who just engage in game or as mentioned, on reddit or discord.

Past csm like @Steve_Ronuken can give you great insight on why most csm won’t engage on the forums. Outside of their campaign threads.

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Thanks for the input!

I didn’t mean to imply that people weren’t doing their jobs. I just have no idea about the other platforms. I really did not know about the CSM Discord.

Also, the specialty thing is hard to figure out. Even in my relatively small alliance there are great FCs, PvE experts, Pochven folks, Third Party App developers, lowsec people, etc. etc.

Focus groups for certain projects would be cool. (i.e., if you’re rebalancing SB or making new heavy bombers, recruit some BB people to give feedback at an early stage.)

You can go back and look at the csm campaign threads at the winners to see what each is all about

Generally speaking Mike and I are the two main people who post on the forums.

You will sometimes see ProgodLegend on Reddit. I am also active on Reddit, as is Suitonia. You will also sometimes see Merkelchen and Innominate there as well.

As noted, Suitonia and Ibeast are streamers. Myself, Merkelchen and Innominate stream every night of the week except Wednesday for three hours+ on Rampage Inc starting at 00:30 EVE - twitch.tv/rampageinc

You can see me on the Meta Show on Saturdays.

Kenneth is the most active poster on the CSM discord public channels. You can find Vily on Talking in Stations discord and Trash Talk Tuesday’s discord. About the only CSM member I know that is hard to find on a public discord or publicly anywhere is Gobbins, but he’s active in a variety of private places that I’m aware of.

I also respond to all in-game EVE mails.

We’ve got a pretty responsive CSM this year.


Thank you. This is a very helpful list. o7

You’re welcome. Feel free to watch the show tonight and ask us as many CSM related questions as you want.

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