Proposal - Crime is not realistically punished

So as has been a hot topic it seems over the last few years, ganking and Harassment in highsec has been a serious issue.

While the CSM has tried their best with CCP to curb the issue, the problem is that the consequences are simply too easy to avoid, and there are too many loopholes to the current policies, and too many benefits for the criminals doing the ganking and murdering and theft.

Whether this be deleting the character, running missions for an hour or doing an incursion, the punishments for the crimes do not even remotely resemble an actual “Consequence” for doing what in society is considered the worst possible criminal action. (Intentional Premeditated Murder)

For example, if I gank a 20 billion isk freighter in Svala (.6 Highsec), I’m going to gain my cut of 20 billion, and lose a few security status (1.2 I think). This is easily fixed by running a single incursion, or a few missions. Even if it took me a few hours, it’s still nothing but benefit to me. I just took that persons weeks of work, and received literally no penalty comparatively. This is not in line with “Eve is about Consequences”.

Again, The problem is that the person I just ganked may have worked weeks, days or even months for what I just took from them in under 15 seconds. And my consequence for the crime… is well… not really a consequence at all.

The issue ladies and Gentlemen, is that the Punishment, does not fit the crime. And there is no real thought process needed to make a person go… hey… I may want to think twice before I do this.

Therefore My proposal is as follows:

If you gank someone in highsec (any security) the following will occur:
TO CLARIFY: YOU MUST KILL THE PERSONS SHIP! I am not covering assault in this proposal because the current consequences for firing on someone are sufficient.

  1. Concord will respond as usual, with one difference:
  • They will now POD you.
  1. Your security Status will immediately drop to -10 (Regardless of where it was before because Premeditated intentional Murder with the intention of theft, is a Capital crime with the most severe consequence we as humans can give for it).

  2. If you undock in highsec with a security status below -5 Concord will immediately blow you up and POD you, again.

  3. You can not enter Highsec with a sec stat below -5, I have created a table as follows to assist with understanding the sec stat variables for this proposal:

-5 = Can enter .5
-4 = Can enter .6
-3 = Can enter .7
-2 = Can enter .8
-1 = Can enter .9
0 = can Enter 1.0

To Clarify, and avoid any loopholes our creative community may devise, The Gates will be “Hardcoded” and refuse to let you enter.

  1. You can “NOT” delete a character from your account with a - Sec Status.

The above will ensure that while you can still Gank and Harass people in highsec, that you will face serious consequences which will in fact make you give it a second thought and possibly reconsider it.

We all say EvE is about consequences. Unfortunately, these consequences always seem to land on the law abiding citizens, and not the criminals. In my humble opinion, this needs to change.


It would save everyone time if you just came out and said you wanted to ban non consensual pvp in hi sec. Its still not gonna happen, but you have to type less.

Also, even though I hate even engaging like this since eve is clearly not real life; it’s not murder. Your capsuleer is just fine. No skill loss, no physical damage, nothing. It’s vandalism at best. Your private property is destroyed. Shouldn’t you be advocating for even less punishment as is realistic in real life?


so losing a ship isn’t consequence when ganking?


Please stop asking CCP to ruin the game. There are ways you can avoid to get scammed in HS and you should be able to figure them out. Perhaps are you taking a risk and then complain that you had to pay the sacrifice cost?

no one is safe in eve you run the risk of loosing your stuff every time you log into the game that’s eve forceing you to think and plan never trust autopilot .

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Citation needed.

This is considered an exploit.

So they’re in a presumably expensive mission/incursion ship and you can’t just… kill them? You get a killright. You or another as your agent can activate this killright and turn them suspect at will to murder.

We are gods. There is no “murdering” capsuleers, merely inconveniencing them.

Eve is about consequences, in this case you are the consequence to them loading their freighter with 20 billion isk.

I’m confused. Are we discussing murder, or carjacking and vandalism? Because blowing up their ship is not even killing their clone.

TL;DR: waaaaaa gankers bad pls do my job for me and ban them from highsec ccpls.

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This is a player driven server where by the economy is player based that means players die and bye more stuff and players make the things you bye if ganking wasn’t a thing how do you think this economy would be so competitive and people wanting the best price its players that get the ISK …


actually it is not on the exploit list, but it is/was in the ToS or EULA that you cannot biomass a character with negative standing, to just create a new one to work around it… my former boss shown a support ticket with a GM that basically stated that with the advent of the alpha clones, they have not been enforcing that rule.

You know CCP just took a serious hammer directly to ganking mechanics? Pretty historic! Everything has been indirect gank nerfs. (aka buffing ships) THIS is direct to the criminals.

So your saying… THAT patch above is not enough?!

I can only speak for myself but I feel pretty darn safe in my kronos when I travel from incursion to incursion.

A analogy I can think of here is that you want the government (CCP) to step in… AGAIN and help your cause and reduce your own personal responsibility to learn anti ganking 101 and safe traveling 101? I haul billions every week and been doing it for years. I had my losses, but they were 100% me.

If you want a strong lesson on anti gank travel fitting/hauling tactics go talk to incursion runners lol

Take responsibility for your hauling. Gankers pick off the weak.


OP is a killboard-less 4 year old anonymous alt of some whiny coward who clearly didn’t even bother to learn how highsec used to be before they played, and are not intelligent enough to realize if they had their way it would not even solve their problem.

The only reason I’m personally calling them out in this thread is they treated me the same in the other CSM thread: according to OP, Eve is about consequences, so count this reply as fulfilling OP‘s expectations.


Just like coward bullies do.

unfortunately I have to correct you: There is a consequence for ganking, assuming you do it right. You will get rich pretty quickly.

Also spaceships cannot be “killed” and capsuleers cannot be “murdered”. I suggest you rework your proposal.

Good Luck!

You’re full of it. OP’s reply to you in that thread had no personal attack or adhominem. You decided it had so you could be a bully to yet another member.
It’s curious that you didn’t quote what OP posted to you that was so offensive. I read it and it’s right on the money, put your half-baked thoughts to shame so you decided to call it personal attack, the trick of the debate chicken-bok-boook!
FYI: Your credibility has just been shattered.:smiley:


Proposal denied.

Oh look, just what Eve Online needs, another anonymous forum alt spewing :poop: . If you don’t value the things you say enough to own it, then no one else will either.


The Prophet giggles at this electronic missive.

One wonders, if so many people are dying and are so upset, why pray to false Icelandic gods to save you?

Instead why not load up your antimatter and proceed to stop them yourselves?

Be your own consequence.

The Prophet knows you will not however. You will simply hue and cry because you are spineless and helpless.

Actually, I can agree it’s pretty good measures, especially the Alpha red safety restriction, but still a bit not enough. Because even with all these restrictions the amount of ganking corps and even alliances is still growing. And everyone except some newbros and ppl who never leave nullsec know why they do it. Because it’s one of the fastest ways to get rich. You lose several cheap destroyers you gain a 10 000%+ returns of investment.
And since police/concord do not pod you, so you can have expensive implants that significantly increase your dps, and then you just dock, get a new ship and go for the next target. Bam 10 000% ROI again.

I would add that outlaws shouldn’t be able to access the clone bay in highsec space, otherwise a guy with 7 ganking alts and one neutral toon can avoid all this, and get rich even considering he’s paying omega for all his gankers, which drives people away from normal gameplay to suicide ganking, and not just some people, but the experienced pilots.

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I am pretty sure most Gankers fly with an empty pod, because especially when multiboxing the Pods are often catched if an AntiGanker with a fast locking Ship is around. Killed multiple ganker Pods in Uedama myself when they did massive Catalyst runs and they were all empty. Podding them is even doing them a favor, because they instantly wake up on their home station where a new shiny Catalyst awaits them.

So please, don’t spread false rumors.

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ty for the info! I personally never saw any AntiGankers when flying around. Good to know there are ppl like this to at least somewhat balance the gankers presence :slight_smile:

It won’t ever be enough. Even if CCP hard codes in “no PVP in highsec” people will simply move on – as they already do – to complaining about lowsec.