Gankers do not make EVE a better place

I’m looking at your killboard and I don’t see any actual ganks.

I see you dueling in Jita, and I see a bunch of lowsec losses, but those are regular PvP - most of them are one vs. ones. That’s not how we define ‘ganking’ in EVE.


Not being part of the WE collective, I declare mission runner ganking a GANK.

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You should be jailed for the damages done to defenseless POS’s.

I am pretty sure you are just angry that you keep getting dunked on.


If you get ganked, its because you made a mistake. Yes, gankers know exactly how many catalysts it takes to blow up your ship in the amount of time allowed by CONCORD in that system. Yes, they know when they are going to strike. Yes, they have these advantages. But here’s the thing: the target has a lot of advantages too.

First and foremost, you can make known ganking groups orange or red in your contacts. If you see a spike of them in local, you know you need to get docked. Its not that hard.

Second, you can literally fit to be ungankable in a mining barge or exhumer in high-sec. How do you do that? Its simple. You use a Higgs rig. Use another ship to bookmark the asteroids you want to mine. Warp to them at zero with your Higgs rig equipped barge. Align to your safe or a station. You will move so slow due to the Higgs rig, you’ll eat up the asteroid before you get out of range. And as soon as anything appears on grid with you, you warp. Since you’re aligned and moving at over 70% of max speed, you insta-warp. They don’t even get a chance to lock and bump you. You’re welcome for this bit of fitting knowledge.

Third, gankers gank for a specific reason. And while harvesting your tears is one of the reasons, its not the reason. You’ll notice most gankers hang out around trading hubs. This is deliberate. They are ganking miners because they are also mining these areas since its quick access to trading hubs to sell the ore and/or minerals. Its basically them protecting their turf, mafia style. How does this help you? If you stay away from trading hubs, you are unlikely to run into gankers because they won’t be in your area. If you know where they are, you have an advantage by not being there. As Mister Miyagi said, “Best defense, no be there.”

Fourth, gankers cannot defeat this awesome thing in Eve Online. Its called D-scan. Set your D-scan range to 3 AU. If you see a ganking ship appear on D-scan, align to your safe or station. As soon as the ganking ship appears on-grid, warp off. The only thing that defeats D-scan is cloaks… and cloaking ships aren’t used for ganking because they are expensive.

Seriously, if you get ganked… its because you screwed up. I’ve been ganked once in my entire time playing Eve Online. And it happened because I was carrying a lot of loot and was being lazy warping around high sec. I got what I deserved.


I just made a proposal, which will solve this issue entirely. Feel free to read it.

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The point I think, is that EvE is about consequences.

And while you can blame the victim for being stupid. The point is that it’s highsec. And it Highsec such actions are considered to be Highly illegal. As such, the consequence should be equal to the crime.

Which it currently is not. Not even remotely.

In fact I’d go so far as to say there is absolutely no consequence at all currently because there are too many loopholes, and methods of avoiding them entirely. So a person is able to commit crimes without actual consequence.

This is not in line with the overall idea of EVE. EvE is about consequences. And while you can say that person getting blown up is a consequence of their stupidity, What you can’t tell me is how the criminal who violated the law actually suffered a similar and equal consequence… Because they didn’t.

Loseing some sec status that you’ll get back in a few minuets to a few hours. Is not the same as loseing everything you have worked the last week for in what is by EvE standards “Lawful Space”. IE General Society. Where there are consequences when you Murder someone and steal their stuff.

Understand that in highsec, it doesn’t matter how stupid someone is being. YOU are the Enemy and the Criminal if YOU attack them/Kill them. So YOUR consequence for such actions should be SEVERE and Lasting.

The real problem is that everyone is quick to defend actual criminals. While the only people who receive an actual consequence are the law abiding citizens. This is not realistic, Nor immersive, Nor in line with What EvE is about.


@Io_Koval O Koval

The problem is that without HIghsec which produces literally 99% of all things in EvE. And 90% of those are produced by the people you call “Carebears”. Ya know… Non PvP people. Not to mention youd find EvE dead within a year or 2 as 70% to 80% of the population, which resides in highsec doing the carebear stuff… Would leave the game.

You’d find yourself needing to pay 100 Million ISK per round of ammunition and a T1 Frigate would cost you 1 billion.

I always find comments like yours interesting, as it shows how you all have no clue how an economy functions.

And… Youd never be able to make any ISK. Because Every mission would be ganked, Every Mining Op would be Ganked, Every Gank would be Ganked.

Highsec would become Nullsec. And I’m not sure if you’ve ever actually been to Nullsec but… It’s Empty for a reason. If Highsec was like Nullsec… EvE would be dead.

So you go ahead and promote this kind of thought, see where it gets you.


You say some things that make me doubt your credibility.

Like resorting to personal attacks. Rather than making a personal attack on my experiences and abilities, you should take your own medicine. Go join a major nullsec bloc. Go join lowsec pirate groups. Chat with people who PvP. Many do industry on the side. It turns out, the only people who think „I only do industrial PvE and PvPers only do PvP“ are the people who artificially limit themselves to only do industrial PvE.

What you’ll find is a major part of High sec industry are low/null alts, paying for their ability to PvP. Some of the market manipulators I know who move Jita prices play in all areas of space. And they’re the small market manipulators targeting single items at a time.

Trying to say to me „high sec only, PvP-fearing, silent people are the majority of economic output“ is only demonstrating your own lack of experience living in any other region of space.

I don’t know you. But unlike you I just have to ping a few friends to verify most of what you say is just some pretty painted wishful picture with no data to back it up. Thanks for the rosy and colorful imagination, I’ll stick to my lived reality.

I’m also not sure you ever experienced the pre-Crimewatch, pre-wardec, and pre-friendly fire high sec. Yeah, it turns out the high sec of old was very similar to nullsec but with fancier PvP-initiating hoops and a lot of neutrals, which made the whole game more accessible as people felt comfortable „moving“ between different kinds of dangerous systems. It was a great incentive to get out of high sec to avoid the rabble of unwashed masses. The game needs to be more accessible, not less.

Where this gets you is a more engaged playerbase and all time highs of player populations. I lived through it, you going „nuh uh here’s what my imagination tells me“ is not convincing.


This, is simply not true. And something that a dedicated carebear would say.

“Oh woe is us, our space makes the game all the others are pittance add-ons. And double woe, we, we who primarily play in that space make up the bulk of the clientele. Pander to our desires and bow to our self proclaimed majority.”

Ya, no.

High sec makes up a portion portion of the game, but it isn’t the majority. It does however tends to house the whinist most vocal population. That’s why it seems to be the majority.


I don’t know if I’ve ever seen such a complete failure to understand the core of Eve encapsulated in a single statement. That is completely, absolutely, 100% in line with everything eve has ever been about. If you are dumb, or unlucky, or over confident, you will get blown up. That is core eve gameplay.


This has got to be in the top 10 dumbest posts I’ve seen on this forum.
If we removed CONCORD (which I do agree isn’t that great of an idea) it would most certainly not cause massive price increases on the order of what you think. In fact, aside from tritanium becoming more expensive I really doubt that it would affect low/nullsec at all. Aside from trit, basically everything in highsec is found in equal or greater abundance elsewhere. Furthermore, there’s no reason that nullsec miners couldn’t simply… operate in highsec if trit became expensive enough to justify it. Hell, if you let us light cynos in Jita logistics would probably be even easier.

TL;DR: Go mine some veldspar, carebear, because that’s the only thing your godforsaken hellhole of a security band gives New Eden.

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I would like to debunk this lie and sign my name to anyone else who has already stated this is a lie.

This is also a lie (get out of cadari space :wink:) Incursion fleets don’t get ganked and we are filthy rich.

The industrialists I had the honor of knowing are WILLING to PvP in this new era CCP is pushing us into. We are willing to go get tornados and gank someone stealing our moon ore.

EVE is not black and white as you paint it.

I have never seen someone just bluntly lie about the inner workings of EVE Online… :cry:


Tell that to the stealth bomber

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2 weeks after a long break I am back to the birthday. Event says hey look we have really good content with our exploration stuff. I jump into my Astero go hack and was immediately ■■■■■■ up 2x times with a gate camp like years ago.
Nothing has improved since my last break. Have paid once and am out again. Imagine in 2023 has still who desire on such garbage to be fugged up. Back or forth with “yes just have to know what you’re doing”. You want the game enjoin and not get ■■■■■■ up after 2 hours event sides farmen. Cool Story. Death Game rightly.

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Things did improve since your last break.

These days you don’t have to misuse the Astero hull for non-combat purposes, but can fly the new Metamorphosis for that role, for a fraction of the price of an Astero.

But, considering you can use a Covert Ops cloak and thus are Omega, flying a T2 explorer with nullifier instead of either of those ships would have saved you from that Sabre.


Ganking takes skill , experience and resources. Although I hate being ganked. I appreciate the game mechanics allowing it, making Eve a complex game.

Never feel too safe :slight_smile:


There should be no safe place in New Eden.


Why are you using an Astero for exploration? Seriously, the hull alone costs over three times what my exploration ship costs fully fitted. I know you can fit Asteros for an incredibly quick align time; but, if you are traveling where bubbles can be used, the nullifier is way more important.

Honestly, the Astero is better used for hunting explorers than actually exploring itself.

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