This time I have to appreciate your objectiveness and honesty .

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Those skills also work in high sec, and obviously high sec also has other mechanics to protect you.

As a newbie I’ve gotten suicide ganked exactly once, and I learned my lesson (don’t pack 300mil in an iteron… I did manage to exercise my kill right later)

Of course, you could say that a determined enough suicide ganker will kill you no matter what… this is true… but at this point we’re talking about social skills – Don’t annoy people to the point that they are willing to make a loss killing you.

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People need to grow up and realize ganking is a valid content area just like any other thing in EVE. Who want’s to play a glorified padded number printer with zero risk? (surprisingly some may say yes!)

A real strong player will bounce back from being ganked. learn from their mistakes. not wine and cry and quit when they get killed. I respect those people who say after a gank. “I can replace it” “No big deal”


If you want to learn how to minimize your chances of getting ganked, check out the “how not to be ganker bait” of my post hyar.

And if not, can I have your stuff?

Without gankers, people who do mining and industry would have a harder time selling their stuff. I’m a miner and I support ganking.


need a little more salt on that salt, mr saltshaker?

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they been in game about 18 years man!!! 18ish years…


Tell him there are people out their that spend a major part of their eve time hunting high sec gankers, only yesterday afternoon eve time I was out scouting fraternities gank locations .

This group and it’s university have always taken part in ganking but just of late started large scale ops , so now it’s clear they support and encourage this type of activity.

So we need intelligence on this group not their null activity just high and low they have all become kill on site, university or not .

Tell him this and if he ever feels he wants to try eve again contact us but know this, I do support the gankers right to gank in eve as it’s part of Eve mechanics and the very same tools can be use against them. :wink:

I think the problem isn’t the Ganking itself, the problem is that only one Person can do that with a Multiboxing tool to controll all Accounts at the same time.


i use a mouse to control all my accounts , is that a multiboxing tool ?

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Fleet warp you mean?

If you think someone is cheating, then report them. Even posting a killmail from a gank that you think involved cheating wolud be useful to your claim.


The killmail was already posted and the thing isn’t the fleetwarp lol…
The thing is to lock a target and start your weapon cycles within 2 seconds on 15-20 accounts.
Tell me how that works without a tool that will do that for you with one or two klicks.

He told me that it was perfectly fine if each of these accounts was controlled by an individual player.
But if it was only one player with 15-20 accounts then it’s not ok because it’s not possible for a human with a mouse to lock and shoot a target with 15-20 accounts within 2 seconds.

That killmail doesn’t show cheating. Did you even look at it?

Using macros in this game will get you banned and believe me when i say that CCP is forced to constantly keep an eye on the gankers, due to the complains that they get about them cheating and unethically exploiting the game .
I will even give you proof for this that it isn’t cheating … looking at the kill mail you can see that the damage output of the involved 19 Catalysts varies from 9.9% to 0.4% . It is not a flat line, it starts at 9.9 and decreases considerably until 0.4 . This tells us that the guns from each ship were not activated at the same time and that there were a few persons multiboxing , but multiboxing without a macro . A macro would have showed on the kill mail almost the exact damage output for each ship , which isn’t the case here.
There are exceptions to this , when on the contrary you have almost the exact damage output for the involved parties , but no macro was used . This happens when a lot more than 19 players fire at a target , it’s called alpha strike and they each get to fire just 1 shot as the target evaporates due to the sheer number of damage and involved pilots. And there’s also the fact that in such large fleets , the pilots control 1-2 characters usually and they all fire at the order of an FC at the same time. Again, not the case with what we have here.
I hope this clarified things for you.


I stand with FRATERNITY. I’ll never disclose our gank sites. FEI CHANG HAO!


Gankers, from FRT, were busy ganking in that system for 5 hours already before he got ganked. Show him how to get that intel from the zkillboard. Also show him how to set them red. It’s unfortunate and unexpected that usually quiet systems get visits from suicide gankers, but it does take very little effort to get the available data. Ganking in hisec is not an exploit, btw.

maybe not in 2 seconds, but close, also including how server tics work
how it’s done

And I have copied your fit. It works nicely against exhumers. :slight_smile:

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Pvp is meant to be in all areas. Including hi-sec.

Welcome to eve.


Ganking a really an exploit, the mechanics of which should be, at the very least, changed by the developers. There is much talk on this forum of how “realistic” Eve is, but it’s not realistic at all.

No real life pirate in the entire history of piracy has ever gone through with an attack with the absolute certainty that his or her own ship will be destroyed and his own life will be lost. In Eve, ganking in hi-sec brings about the destruction of the ganker’s own ship, and the character, of course, continues.

What SHOULD happen is the loss of the character’s ship AND the deletion of the character. Then you can say Eve is realistic. Right now there are no real consequences.

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You receive a fail right there for your lack of understanding of the basics of Eve.