Really CCP?

So what did we get today, a Catalyst BPC with 1 run and no research!

Is this how you view all your customers who pay each month?

I am not surprised that people are getting really cheesed off.

Whoever thought it was a good idea to insult all your Omega customers with today’s reward should be sacked.


Stop being entitled…


Trash it, if it upsets you.

No one is forced to take stuff CCP decided to give away as a reward for logging in.


I did trash it but my point is that CCP obviously don’t view there paying customers very well.

Getting a 1 run BPC is one thing but with zero research it is worthless so we got nothing of value.

I would rather they dont give anything away that is of no use.


Why is that?

It’s not like we pay for them as part of the EULA agreement. It’s just extra stuff.

No reason for CCP to give it at all, so if it doesn’t give you encouragement to login, then ignore it.


Okay, I believe the rewards were poorly thought out. Most likely, they were trying to be conservative with them so as not to upset game balance or the market with them. However, they made them so crappy that no one likes any of them (aside from the free SP; which isn’t a big amount, but I’ll take it).

However, you straight up come off as entitled with your post -CCP doesn’t owe you any rewards. And asking for someone to be fired during a global recession because they made such a trivial mistake is some next level dick behavior.



Do you even need the blueprint?

I could use it, please contract that to me as I could use that one.

I am not asking for any rewards.

I am sayinng it feels like an insult to a paying customer to give a “reward” that has no use and is worthless.

It isn’t about being entitled, by them giving away something that is trash feels to me like an insult.

Yes, that is my opinion and we are all “entitled” to them and I wont be the only one who feels this way.

No I am not un-subbing so you can’t have my stuff.



LOL now that I like :slight_smile:

Are the servers running? Downtime time kept to the minimum? Game play enjoyable?

They don’t need to give out log in rewards, that are a bonus to the player. We should be rewarding them with purchasing on their sale days.

It’s free stuff. And it may be useful to someone else, like a noob. Donate it to someone.

Like when i get a meerkat in the post for using compare the market. No good to me but the gf likes them.

Try not to be such a spoilt brat.

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The current campaign is clearly aimed at new players just starting out. I’ve decided that the checkbox for “don’t show on login” is very helpful. But I expect something a bit different for the EVE anniversary event in early May.

We need a manager here asap!

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Look, it’s not an insult. They made a mistake.

Now, I think it’s reasonable for you to think the rewards are basically worthless, and for you to give such feedback to CCP. I would suggest trying being a little more understanding and empathetic though. Making rewards does require a delicate balance. If they are too OP, it can screw with balance, and certainly piss off various industrialists and traders that have their incomes affected. For example, if CCP gave out sellable drugs to the entire playerbase every two or 3 days, it would cause the drug market to collapse.

Now, one way to fix this might be to make the rewards more varied, so that any one reward doesn’t overwhelm demand. For example, if there were 14 different rewards, and Omegas only got 2 drugs a month, it’s possible that supply would’t outpace demand. In fact, getting a taste might actually get more people into taking drugs, and increase demand.

Of course, you’d have to be extra special with alpha rewards, because if their rewards are too good, people will just make hundreds (if not thousands) of accounts.

Anyway, I do hope CCP does improve the rewards, but I also understand that it’s a complicated matter.


Best Karen ever.

You’d lose-out on the 150K SPs too…sure about that?

:red_circle: Almost all of the “rewards” you get for logging in are trash. That’s CCP’s way to say “Let’s see how much we can annoy people until they snap”.


It’s funny that you would not have created this thread or cried about what you got if you had simply gotten nothing.

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If its not good enough for you, find someone who is it good enough. Give it to a new player learning to build. Build it and give it to a new player looking to upgrade from the tristan so they can finally do level 2 missions!

In EVE it’s not always about you. What doesn’t work for you WILL for someone else. Find that new player and take them under your wing and treat them to an experience you cant get from any other game.

Dont want to do that?.. Then just trash it. It’s free.