Eve New Player Rewards is a big joke

First sorry for my crap english I am from belgium.
So I just got my last rewards from the “Eve 15 days New Player Starting Rewards”.
I have to say I am very disappointed.
Here is the list :
Day 1 : 10 000 isk
Day 2 : 1 def equipement (T1 shield booster)
Day 3 : Starter Gift Cerebral accelerator (+3 to all attributes for 48 hours)
Day 4 : 20 000 isk
Day 5 : T1 Frigate (got rifter)
Day 6 : Frigate skin (180 days)
Day 7 : Fireworks
Day 8 : Destroyer skill book
Day 9 : 50 000 isk
Day 10 : Destroyer (Trasher in my case)
Day 11 : Destroyer skin (180 days)
Day 12 : Another Starter Gift Cerebral accelerator (+3 to all attributes for 48 hours)
Day 13 : Cap (100 isk value) and i got the female one for… reasons?
Day 14 : Filament (10k isk value)
Day 15 : 0% eff cruiser bpc
Also, for the 15 days, 100k skill points

Everything but the boosters and the skill points are total trash. I understand that you cannot get high value rewards because of the economy but don’t tell me there is not a way that you can make bound items or something like that. I don’t know who was in charge for this, but also giving a frigate on day 5 and a destroyer on day 10? That guy must have never played EVE for more than 1 hour. And that day 15 bpc (which is btw showed as an epic reward) is a trap, because even with max skills it will still cost you less to buy the ship in the market.
Eve is by far the worst mmo I ever played when it comes to rewards.


Perhaps they are meant to help new players more than yourself. You don’t seem to need extra incentive to stay with the game at least not compared to new players. You’re just whining that your free stuff isn’t good enough…

That said, the destroyer skill book seems redundant. They are handed out by the career agents.


I’m happy about the ships. I feel like I’ll use them all eventually. Blowing up is part of the game. Lol

Title is misleading… are you laughing and smiling about this joke? If then that is at least worth something and it costs you nothing at all.

If you want to see real disappointment try buying some PLEX and see what you can get for it in the NES.

Of course you might see that as a joke and laugh too so then not totally a waste.

Did people forget that like, for 15 years, we didn’t really have rewards outside of Refer a Friend bonuses?


EvE is dying.™


As a new player I’m happy to receive these rewards. If anything, I can sell things and use the money towards my PvP path.


OP, your English is fine I think, it’s your attitude that’s the crap.

It’s free stuff! Why complain?

Belgium is awesome, please display more of the plucky Belgian attitude.



there was nothing like this back when i started my first char
so why are you not thankful you get something?

no you dont need that … what you want? a titan? a supercarrier? a keepstar?
just a question but would be interessting maybe CCP wants to read it to

so what you expect as free rewards?


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There really isnt, though. Everything that you have can be sold again, and thats one of the great things about EVE.

I would rather have shitty rewards that I can sell and make ISK off of, than have decent rewards but not be able to sell them on characters that I dont need them for.


Because getting that or nothing for me is exactly the same thing. Maybe it is just me and in this case it’s fine, true that I am not working atm so lot of time to play. After 15 days I already spent more than 1b so yeah the 50 k isk reward feels liek a joke for me.
Also, I forgot to mention. You can’t get others rewards like daily omega rewards (and no there is no other tab) while you are under this.

sorry …
1st come down … you are 15 days old and have spent 1 billion … so you bought plex … thats nice … nice for CCP …
2nd … if you dont need it … just leave it or refine it or trash it … theres no need for a rant …


Why do you need stuff given to you? I log in and play because I WANT to and enjoy playing, why would I need more incentive than that? Are the newbie login rewards a bit naff? Yes but only to people who do well in the game or aren’t true newbies.

When I made my first account a few months ago I didn’t know what I was doing, I didn’t even train skills most of the time. Back then any reward helped me a bit.

Fast forward to now and while I’m still new many ways any new character I make isn’t helped by those rewards because I have the means and understanding to outpace the rewards on my own, which is FINE because they’re not meant for me as I’m already hooked and doing well.


Then just ignore them? It is incredible to me the entitlement of people who complain that the free stuff they get isn’t good enough. If it doesn’t even matter to you, just ignore it. Log in when you have time to play and don’t bother when you are too busy.

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If you’re afraid that you miss out on Omega daily rewards while getting the New Player Rewards, you’re in for a surprise. The list of rewards you mention would’ve made newbie me happy and they’re miles better than the Omega daily rewards we have these days. I mean, you actually get a destroyer and frigate, instead of unresearched blueprint copies for them?! :open_mouth:

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Waaaaaaahahahaaaaaaaaaa!! I had no Titan in my starter pack!!!

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At day 1086 I still fly frigates and destroyers and wouldn’t mind a free ship.

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“bound” items? Really?

go back to which ever blizzard game you came from

Haha sucks2bu. I redeemed my free titan and supercarrier days ago.


Yes, I agree that they are very insignificant rewards for anyone who has been playing for more than 3 months …
But I applaud any reward that does not force me to throw snowballs or some other boring activity …

What really upsets me is when I don’t connect for just one day and because of that I lose the best prize for not having completed 100% …