We'll pretend to give you something for free


So i can’t collect them anymore, can’t put them later on an alt where i’d actually want to have it and i can’t sell it either.

Is there any reason for this or is CCP just exploring ever new ways to spit in their customers faces?


Everyone hates this. CCP knows everyone hates this. They do not care.


The only thing people really want free is gametime, skillpoints or things to sell, maybe soon they will give out free OMEGA days like World of Warships gives out premium days (quite frequently actually) but WoW has a better in game shop.

I have no problem with them expanding their ingame shop offering to be a big cash cow (and baiting offers), as long as they do a good native Linux client.

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I disagree - I believe they do care but the dev teams are a bit busy right now rolling out Invasions chapter 3. The “free” items are a minor annoyance, similar to the red dots. They aren’t actually hurting anything and there will be time to iterate on the feature over the summer.

I do believe the developers need to start making non-core features optional. They got it super right with notifications - we have full control, and super wrong with tooltips - we have no control and sometimes they really get in the way.

Be interesting to see what would happen if they made the evergreen rewards optional. Would you tolerate the free junk to get the skillpoints?!


The evergreen rewards are already optional.

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Right now I take the skill points and bin the non BPC ones


I also accept the SP and trash the rest. By optional, I meant a setting to turn the feature off completely.


image Pearl Abyss

image Devs who are either idiots or too afraid to tell their managers that they are idiots

Additional evidence: See RED DOTS image image


I know this sounds unlikely, I mean who would be that naïve, but I think they actually thought it was a good idea.

Which is super scary.


This… /cry

I don’t even see the red dots anymore.


The regular daily login rewards are not anything special, but a free permanent saro skin for the diplomatic shuttle? You won’t catch me complaining about that! It’s an alpha reward, so perhaps they don’t want people generating an unlimited number of them with free alpha alt accounts to try and profit off of.

I suppose they could have made it omega only, but I don’t have a problem giving alphas some cool stuff. They’ll have to get their shuttle from an omega, anyways.

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Complaining about something free, priceless.


I think you are correct. Sadly, there is no force in the universe that will ever convince a game developer that their good idea was actually crap.

Haven’t you grown up out of gaming yet?

Personally I’ve grown to like the red dots, and find them quite useful in my ever-more-messy inventory.


I’m not a big fan of the auto-use skins, but at least it’s not a 7 day/volatile SKIN.

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I can understand the extreme limitations they put on Alpha rewards. It is odd that they apply those limitations to Omega subscribers, too.

It’s 2020, what exactly do you think is going on in all these seniors homes? :smile:

You think grandma is knitting? She’s camping a gate in lowsec :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


That’s why I don’t get too upended over the CSM. “Real” developers don’t let customers interfere with their vision!