We'll pretend to give you something for free



Free 7-Day Volatile fitted ships for everybody!!


They should give out 7-day volatile ships.
Can’t sell or repackage…
It’s just like ammo :wink:

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Maybe we should give CCP 7-day volatile payments for their services?


Opt out of the 7 day skin would be nice.

I didn’t like limited duration items in BDO or Aion and I still don’t like it.

Sometimes I fear we …giphy (18) but then I see those red dots and think “nah” :stuck_out_tongue:

CCP doesn’t even know we exist.


People whining about free stuff is about the most pathetic, entitled thing I’ve ever seen.

Be really nice if the mods would just delete these idiotic threads.


Sometimes, you pay for what you get.

In other words, if you pay more, you can get something better, it doesn’t have to be 10 million more to be 1% better.

In other words, you get what you pay for.

I wouldn’t wine about it though, as, others may want to pay them for it, so that I can get paid for it.

People whining about other people whining . . . pathetic.


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Yalezorn is complaining about other people complaining.

I let them sit in the redeeming queue and consider them to be death row inmates. As their time for expiration counts down and their “execution” draws nigh, I anthropomorphize them into desperate beings pleading to at least be used before they die. I tell the skins “but, I don’t even own the ship you are destined to go on!” I tell the boosters they would interfere with my delicate metabolism, and do not subject myself to the risk where they would be of help.

The skins and boosters wail, feigning bravery but inwardly terrified at this cruel pixelated sacrificial universe they were brought into…

Since when do CCP devs not get payed for their work?
Do you actually believe someone made this in their free time or do you literally not comprehend the meaning of the words you are using? Pathetic, right…
Idiotic consumers like yourself are the reason so many companies keep getting away with shitty business practices.

Rhetorical question, right?

Some threads simply start like this:
They can make your day better and brighter


Opinions are always free… :grin:

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I came back after a two year break and let me say ■■■■ THE DOTS. As someone with, currently, mild OCD they trigger the ■■■■ out of me. I HAVE to make sure every dot is cleared or gone or I get so anxious I can’t play the game. Whenever they do pop up it makes me feel really bad.


When free is never enough

nah, meta topic

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Free stuff is spitting in our faces?

Will accept being spat in the face for a native Linux client.