Daily Login Rewards: Limited SKINs

I understand what the description says, but I wanted to get confirmation before I claimed anything because I’m getting conflicting answers in-game. And it’s possible the description isn’t accurate due to human error. Someone said it would apply to a character, but I could activate the 30 days later. Another said the 30 day timer starts immediately.

If I claim a 30 Day SKIN will it automatically apply AND start the 30 day timer? I only have a 14 day window to claim it in the first place and then I’m forced to use (and waste) it even if I don’t have the ship in question or don’t want to fly that particular ship at the moment? If that’s the case it would be a pretty lame “gift” considering it’s random and not tailored to my specific skill set.





Do be aware that the skins given out for events (i.e. mimnatar liberation day, and all that jazz) are permanent. So don’t hesitate to collect those (note that they will also stay in your redeeming queue for 180 days).

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What boggles my mind is that even the boosters work this way? Aren’t those for emergencies? At least some seem intended for close situations. Yet you have to fumble through the claim window looking for the right booster for the situation? Seems like a broken system that was not thought out at all.

Theyre not really for emergencies, they are just extras. If youre going to go PVP and you happen to have some of those boosters in your redemption box, then great. If not, then whatever, they were free anyways.

They certainly feel and act as filler rewards, not really important but just put there to pad the days inbetween the decent ones. But it could be worse.

It could always be worse.

Don’t worry, you will not hurt CCP’s feelings if you decline the gifts.


Yes you must claim within 14 days which is when the 30 day timer starts when activated.

It’s amazing how fast you can grab one of these boosters when you desperately need a shot of hardshell. I normally forget about them, but just occasionally they become very useful.

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that’s been the consensus since they started doing it even by people that have the ships.

Right, it’s just like these small fragrance samples you frequently find in magazines.
Of course you can buy the regular flacon :wink:

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