Training Booster Megathread

Still can’t see it. Is it working for anyone?

I checked, it’s 39 euro…

Where can you see?

Apart from direct skill selling being despicable and circumventing the in game economy it’s also a terrible deal.


Jesus F’in Christ, wept, while killing all the kittens…

Expensive but not unexpected.
ITS 3-5 injectors…when you calculate this into Plex IT Matches roughly.
Still don’t like the Idea…and so Not advert for moderate to Bad Deals.

Can i have your stuff before you leave?

Be as nice as the last person that gave me all their stuff. They even extracted the SP and gave it to me.


You really have to be in a hurry to pay $40 for this bundle. Considering 3 months of omega subscription is the same price and roughly includes 6-7 million skill points. You get to play the game too!

1,5 would be Just enough SP to get me into a Orca with Basic fleet Support skills Without remaps.
Was on my way to forget my principle and buy IT.
Price Safed me. :wink:

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The cost of it is such that I think you have nothing to worry about.

So it’s 1,500,000 + 432,000 skill points for 40 EUR or (probably) USD.

Assuming the purchase of the 1,100 PLEX package for 40 USD, that translates to 2.9B ISK, or exactly 4 injectors.

So they priced it right at the baseline injector level, which means that this is the more efficient purchase for anyone who plans to inject a character over the 5M skill point mark.

By doing this, CCP is cannibalizing its own extractor and PLEX profits from skill farming, and losing money from the injector tax. Remember that any skill points lost to injector taxation create value for CCP. If higher-SP characters stop injecting, and use this package instead, CCP will actually lose money.



Borrowed from Reddit:

That lasted…


To be honest, I know several players who have a dozen alts that exist for the sole purpose of SP farming and are otherwise just sitting in a station or mining veld in 1.0 system. So, while the supply of SP is technically limited, realistically speaking it is so massive, I don’t think the market will ever run out.

Although I agree that CCP breaking this statement is a bad sign, I do not think it will cause any issue with SP prices on the market.

It’s still SP coming from characters, which are paid for, and result from training… which is important for the economy (printing free SP from nowhere is bad…)

When can we buy veldspar directly from CCP? It is such a pain to haul it around.


Just the ships/mods/ammo will do - screw industry - might as well put the RMT sites out of business

But those characters are distorting the game in other ways.

Perhaps this is CCP’s bid at killing skill farming. If they can get the prices set right then it won’t make any sense to have 100 zombie skillpoint-farmer accounts - it would be cheaper to buy the skillpoints directly from CCP.

The they would lose all the SP accounts - and there are a very great many

They may be prepared to accept that if they can make up the income elsewhere.