Why you lying

Times change. That was five years ago, ancient history. That’s longer than most other games are even played by anyone.

I parked in Amarr to buy some milk, I was literally gone for five minutes and this ■■■■ happens.

I want names. Discretion assured. I just had the ■■■■■■■ thing painted.

seriously, what a money grabbing biatch move…

$40 for something you can achieve with $15, a 1 month sub…@CCP WTF?

Just because you support the idea of selling SP does not invalidate the idea that someone else might be opposed to this.


Utter garbage


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Training Booster Megathread

This has been talked to death already.

this is actually different from that. its a bundle that is only being sold to previous omega clone pilots who have had their subscription lapse and is not available for general purchase by others.

It’s still CCP selling SP directly which is thoroughly addressed in the thread from July. There are no new arguments here. Everything said in July is as relevant to this offer, and it’s not like CCP hasn’t been literally giving SP away without it being trained for ages before that.

Meanwhile, in Reykjavik…


I legit don’t get why people give a ■■■■ over GMO skill points vs Organic skill points.


The skillpoints being sold in packs are the same as skillpoints gained from the log-in campaign and the in-game daily tasks, they’re all generated by CCP.

In fact CCP just recently offered a pardon to most players that were previously banned so the skillpoints are definitely not from banned players.


EVE playerbase rants on forum, but keeps supporting product even though it does not align with their values anymore.

CCP keeps pushing out skill packs, cause people keep throwing money at them. They don’t care about some ranting forum warriors if revenue is good.

EVE playerbase

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It really doesn’t matter anymore, there’s been enough sp given away by CCP. Having ‘x’ amount of sp on a character doesn’t really mean much anymore it’s as irrelevant as the character start date.

Used to be that skills points could only be accumulated with time. Now you can just buy them, does it matter if someone else trained them? No. The person buying them didn’t earn those sp.

It’s kind of been a slippery slope, which was made possible because of the character bazaar. Because buying from the character bazaar was like buying sp, although you had to buy the character as is.

CCP may as well just sell the sp, although those players that farm and sell sp in-game won’t like that solution.

That means as a welcome back present, CCP rips returning players off? Good to know what CCP thinks of returning customers. :innocent:

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Well, there’s a problem.
That’s nice. You’re the first.

Thank you!
I wish it had been a good one, though.

First of all I’d like to point out that I’m not spmeone to be holding a grudge. Considering that injectors have been a thing for a long while, I believe it would be completely silly to keep playing and being angry about this! That’s just dumb. Holding a grudge is pretty dumb in general, as it lowers quality of life massively.

So, after this disclaimer …

This boils down to envy.

Think of all the people who aren’t “upset” by this, like myself. Make no mistake, I was bothered by the fact that character progression wasn’t an important thing anymore and I was also bothered by the fact that it completely destroyed the perceived importance of ones character the player plays, but I am not bothered by the people’s ability to buy skill points.

The game thrived from people who valued their skillpoints and progression. People used to say “Everyone’s a role-player in EVE” for a very good reason. Unlike any other so called MMORPG, the freedom in EVE combined with the forced slow progression made it feel like you’re actually really a member of a collection of space (war)faring civilizations.

I was proud of my character too.
The Resident OutLaw of Hek and the people loved me there!
I even had a ■■■■■■■ fanbase! I wasn’t a role player in the sense of other role players in EVE,
but none the less did it feel like I’m actually playing a role in all of this and that it mattered!

It mattered, because I’ve been playing for two years until it made “click” and I “got” the game …
… and that only happened exactly because of slow character progression.

Being able to extract and inject skillpoints completely fucks up the perceived importance of ones character …
… devaluing it to a mere tool you use to fly space-ships!

I was not bothered by that which others could do, that I couldn’t do.
I am never bothered by other peoples’ ability to afford something that I can’t.

None of my reasons for being “upset” about this are about money
… because money means envy

and envy doesn’t deserve sympathy!

Thank you for your reply, Draco, but this particular problem isn’t actually one.

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It looks like CCP is giving players the ability to pay for the lost SP they could have had while un-subbed by paying for it. What is the issue?


Great question, Dracvlad!

Blind, mindless envy.

/thread. : - )

oh btw, do you read in-game mails via app or something?

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There have always been “min/maxers” in MMO’s, just as there have always been “whales”. Each type tends to not care about the cost of things, so long as they’re “first!” or have the latest “look at me!” gear.

Developers who want to make great games occasionally make great games. The problem is when the game developers get hooked into debt trying to expand their business to handle their popular game.

Enter the investors. Investors are also min/maxers. They want maximum profit in minimum time, and often times don’t care what their money is invested into, so long as the guy they are paying to invest it gets maximum returns in minimum time.

In order to stay employed, the people who are being paid to invest the money, over time, have developed criteria that qualify a company as a good potential investment. A min/maxing investment formula.

Game companies that want investors money so they can grow their business then need to meet those criteria.

Criteria such as:

  • -Number of active accounts
  • -Number of unique daily log ins
  • -Average time spent in game per day/week/month

Looking at the biggest games today, it’s clear that the min/max investment formula currently includes the following:

  • -Cash Shops
  • -Daily log in rewards
  • -Free to play
  • -Cosmetics
  • -What some view as Pay-to-win

The investors look for specific community types as well. If you care about Pay-to-win, you are not in the target community they are looking for. They make money off Pay-to-win. If you have a problem with it, they don’t care, because their data from the past years of running this system shows that the majority will bitch about it on Reddit or the Forums, but not stop paying into the system.

The face of the games is usually the “studio” or company that started the game, but they do not have final say in where the game goes. The “publisher” or other trendy term used for the company that really calls the shots almost always has the final word on how things go down with a game, and the store front’s primary job is to keep the players convinced it’s otherwise.

Predictions I sincerely hope are wrong, but suspect will take place due to Pearl Abyss and the “min/max investment return” requirements:

  • The CSM will be done away with, probably under the guise of “it’s not practical anymore”
  • Omega accounts will eventually be phased out or reduced to only a skill point training time multiplier while Alpha accounts will be granted access to everything
  • Be it via hi-sec system status, or based on total skill points, a 100% safe means of playing the game will be established. (i.e. if I recall correctly, when BDO came out, you could play to a certain level without having to deal with PvP. I know for a fact that is how Rift was).
  • The New Eden Store will become the source for the latest items which can be purchased via isk in game, but will always carry prices that make people lean towards just paying.
  • “Holidays” and “festivals” will become standard faire (Starting on the 30th perhaps)
  • New items and features will be hyped in order to sell related store items while “reasons” will be given for changes to the meta that result in a new min/max flavor for the next period of time.
  • Special deals to “celebrate the incoming expansion” will be made a few weeks before the changes to the meta to cause players to drain their isk on the special deals, thus increasing the chance that they’ll pull out their credit card when the meta changes and they just have to have a ship that uses the new meta now.
  • The number of players will continue to grow
  • The number of veterans will dwindle
  • Pearl Abyss and the investors won’t give a f’ing rats ass. You are just numbers now.

CCP never lie