Your hubris has caused you to miss the point entirely

The mass exodus of subscriptions following every single change you’ve made lately was intended to teach you what your customers want. You havent been listening. We voted with our wallets wholeheartedly hoping you would learn. You failed again. We are disappointed, but not surprised.


Fleecing the remaining players even more aggressively with sp from thin air for irl cash, outright breaking a longstanding promise to never do exactly that, is beyond deplorable. It completely destroys any remaining trust we had for you and your company, though there was admittedly very little left. You’ve spent the last ~3 years shitting in one of the best sandboxes ever built and wonder why we dont want to play in it anymore. I wish i didnt care at this point, but im not rewarding this bullsh!t with my money. Enjoy your empty universe.

  • The only conceivable, to me, reason for you to be doing this is that you want to drive off your longest standing customers so you can remake eve into echos for pc without getting firebombed. I suppose ignorance could also be driving this trend, but i doubt it.
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Bew hew

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+8 and +10 to all attributes (on top of remaps and implants)… What ?! Did they finally find the golden ammo ? So, correct me if I am wrong, but this would be the first time you buy with cash what does not even exist in the game ?

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Not certain, but I seem to recall some of the event accelerators from a few years back giving +10 to attributes for a longish period. May be wrong on that though.

Yoiul 2016 or 2017, something like that.

event accelerators that dropped in the game ? no problem with that, money doesn’t give advantage at that point - and that was the whole understanding, the line that would not be crossed.

I hate to do this to you @Brisc_Rubal , but what’s the CSM’s view on this ? Never mind, it’s an awkward situation that just keeps getting worse.

Perhaps they just wanted to get rid of the salty fcks, who knows.

Then they should implement a two week free period instead of alpha

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Im just surprised anyone is surprised by this stuff anymore.

If anything, Im surprised its not even more extreme than this by now.

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Lol yeah, we’re not at the dreadnaught expert package (yet)

“Fully customisable prebuilt character, 85m SP, 3b in ships and gear, 45 SKINs, 12 outfits and a 5m SP scout alt all yours for $89:99 (plus tax)”

They have been selling SP since 2019.

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