EVE is doomed

From the begining of EVE skill training was key fundamentals of gameplay.
With onle simple rule - SP amount limited by time.
Even with SP excrating this rule stays.
Every extracted SP is genereted by someone. It’s not come from nowhere.
If you buy injector then someone exctract it from his own pool.
Balance is maintained.

With SP bundles this rule breaks and i’m fear this is end of EVE in long term.
When the first bundles was intoduced it wasnt looking such rulebreaking.
As a lot of people ptotect this idea with “it’s single purchase” argument.
With every new SP bundle this black hole is grow more and more.
Current amount of bundled SP is 6.350.000
So anyone with enough fat wallet can infinite mutiplying this and get ~2.350.000 of SP from nowhere with each additional account created.
Literally breaking core of the game.

I’m barely think CCP stop this so just know guys - this will end bad.

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What if theres not enough sellers to maintain the market?

What do you mean by long term?

Another 10 years, 15 years?

The game will be 30-35 years old by then. Pretty good run if it makes long term from here.

market of what?

Of what you are talking about

I think that players should have as much SP as possible as quickly as possible, because that means that I can kill them in more valuable ships much sooner.


And how it bonds with SP bundles?
If you not enough injectors on market - create more toons and plex them. Then exctract.

It’s definitely the end of every game in the long term. You called it.

Hardly. The core of this game is permanent ship losses and loot-PvP.

The game would still function fine from a gameplay perspective (possibly even better) with everybody starting with maxed out skills on everything (except as a business model for the company). That’s because the main gameplay loop of EVE is wealth creation and destruction and not the usual character sheet progression.

SP is not “generated”. It is doled out by CCP to the players, usually by drip-feeding SP in exchange for PLEX or DOLLARS, called the “subscription”. Even without those SP bundles you could always pay more for a bigger feed: subbing multiple accounts or buying MCTs.

The skill injector trade between players you mentioned, is actually much worse for the game, because it negatively affects the main gameplay loop. It lets players subsidize dozens of accounts with semi-passive income generation (usually PI).
People complain about instanced Abyssals generating wealth outside the reach of PvPers (and for good reason), but PI-skill farms are way worse still.

There’s dozens more problems to mitigate or fix, but I’m not going there now.

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  • Lower subs to the previous level for all countries. Stop using EVE as a cash cow to fund business diversity and other projects. Lower payouts to execs and investors.

  • Remove the extra steps added to manufacturing during the scarcity changes. Because the extra effort is more of a killer than the resources.

  • Add a de facto policy of super capitals having base mineral costs increase with inflation. Free market be damned it a game and this is the right way to handle these end-game ships and stop stupid proliferation while not causing the above issue!

  • Apologies for crap fanfest.

  • Give us previews of new ships and content. Even if it is just silhouettes in black.

  • Make some radical changes to the map to shake up the game.

  • Reduce all skin prices by 90% across the board. With the number of skins in-game now players should be encouraged to purchase in quantity to complete collections.

  • Hurry heraldry up. This needs to happen asap.

  • Add new content focused on veteran player retention and more importantly interaction. EVE loses players as their friends leave and it becomes a cascading issue. There is very little that makes veterans talk to each other and form new bonds after their initial group of players leaves.

  • More mid-tier content- the game needs more to facilitate and encourage activities in groups of 5-20.

  • Big new features- like stabilizing a wormhole, Planetary landing, mini planetary RTS game, space whales,

  • PI simplification, Auto setups for planets etc, I’m getting old and A RSI from all the clicking is not my idea of fun.

Everything has an end, for sure.
But logical end, when thing is out of date, or complete it’s purpose and no more needed is different than sudden end when thing is ruined due ti misuse.

And EVE not even close to it’s logical end.

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Logically EVE would’ve ended ten years ago.

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Doomed, the game is doomed and it will die. Eventually. Like we all will, sooner or later.

Anyway, I don’t see what that has to do with SP.


Never mind, I think there must be a language barrier here.

I thought for a second it said MCT behind him.

How fitting

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SP is exact “generated”
And it’s generation rate is +/- same for everyone.
So you cant get infinite amount by ‘click’ with conventional methods. Even with 100/1000/10000 SP farm toons.
With the bundles you only limited with your wallet.
SP coming from nowhere.

Nope, not the same rate. I could easily get three times as much, just by adding two subs and moving the skillpoints to a main character, using skill extractors. Not going to do it, but I could if I wanted.
That character would be progressing much faster now, all in exchange for dollars.
It’s an old problem.

Same rate per character anyway.
Also high-SP characters have serious penalty for SP injection.
But it is nullified when you have an infinite pool.

Per character yes, but players aren’t tied to one character. I look at what the players gets for their own time, not the character’s time.

For a consistent fix, we’d have to go all the way back to making the game subscription only, one character per player and all the enforcement that comes with that…which is not going to happen.
Might as well go the other way and throw the game wide open.