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I mean, this isn’t new, but by all means think a company can never change its mind once its stated something, and lets not forget alpha skill injectors have existed for a long ass time and already create SP out of nowhere :stuck_out_tongue:

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Characters for sale, SP farming , skill injectors … all of these should have never been a part of Eve.
Sure, characters for sale involved time, planning, the SP wasn’t generated out of nothing and so on , but it does not change anything , as it was and still is a disguised form of P2W.

These things are not Pay To Win, they are Pay For Convenience. You cannot “win” EVE. No amount of skill injecting will make you good at the game. Sure, a day 1 toon can skill into a Titan with their credit card, and that same person will also get their taint handed to them within 5 minutes of being in null…

That’s a fallacy based on the assumption that the person with the new character isn’t experienced or knowledgeable about the game.

Which still doesn’t change the fact that there is no “winning” EVE…

Having characters for sale is fine, it didn’t diminish the value of the time spent on training those skills, also that character had a standings and security status history that came with it.

I agree about SP Farming, that definitely shouldn’t be allowed since it’s risk free ISK generation. However it makes CCP money which is why it’s allowed.

Skill Extractors / Injectors were originally intended for characters to re-assign their skill points to different skill sets. That idea was great. However CCP saw a way to make money on them and turned them into a Trade item.

I’ve been thinking about something like that too, and not just for fun but for trashing bots by having a machine learning system go on a rampage across New Eden killing everything and everyone till all the bots were gone and the rest of us could come out of hiding.
Then I would feed it the internet.

@CCP_Rattati When can I give you $$$ to just put all of the ore in a moon belt into my hanger?

You can buy part of his soul on eBay for five bucks supposedly. Someone found it in a dumpster after it caught on fire and has been chopping it up into little festering bits ever since.

Well, if they force me to become a dev (kind of like a shotgun wedding, but weirder), that would be my #1 priority. But at least I’m not going to make any pretenses about my motivations.

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Well, I applaud those that change their beliefs when presented with new information.

Not to thrilled about those that use motivated reasoning to justify compromising on their stated values though.

2 years later… “buy now your very own fully skilled titan pilot dominate the skies with your new super-capable pilot, with enough plex to fully fit your very own titan+a keepstar to keep it in! Flex over your friends and enemies alike with a brand new “hisec titan license”, and run missions in style! only $69420!”


CCP is mocking its customers because they know they can ■■■■ on them and get away with it. You stop logging in and paying to play EVE, CCP will find some customer appreciation in 2 seconds or less. Don’t come to this forums and rant unless you are willing to back up your rants with actions. Rattati can tell you to “unsub, you will be back” because he has the confidence that you will only rant of the forums and take no other actions against CCP. Fun in EVE wont return until everyone un-subs and logs off. Stop thinking about the glory days in EVE, get off your ass and start saving the sandbox. UN-sub and log out is the only path back to fun in the EVE sandbox.

Just be aware that when revenues drop significantly, contemporary managerial/executive culture leans toward “not worth saving” rather than “we must make changes.”


Winning Eve is subjective . There are persons that they’ll forever be happy with alpha state, mining in a Venture in highsec or doing level 2-3 missions .
There are others for what winning means a titan or a Rorqual , or being a part of a historical battle in Eve , living in j-space or Pochven, doing incursions , JF logistics, becoming an industrial or trader mogul, a known suicide ganker, solo pvper, scammer or spy , being able to pilot every ship in Eve, etc. The list can go on , everyone has a winning objective and that one is subjective, particular to each individual , and what winning might be for it , for others could mean absolutely nothing.

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