It's the 21st, is the PLEX sale over already

(Aurelius Oshidashi) #1

Dear CCP and community,

I read there is a PLEX discount from the 17th till the 21st. Today it’s the 21st, but nowhere do I see any promotion for this anymore.

Over here on the official website it says I can pick up 2860 PLEX for 99.99, but I don’t see and know if this includes the before mentioned discount.

Thanks in advance for any answers, fly safe!

(MacGregor Orlenard) #2

yes. Sale is over.

(Aurelius Oshidashi) #3

Thanks for your quick reply. I have enough isk to manage, but was planning on some big things and therefore wanted to make use of the offer and had misread that it would still be possible today.

I see the offer stated ‘in between the 17th and 21st.’ For idiots/bad readers like me, that looks it can include the 21st. I’m sure CCP can make this a bit more clear in the future.

I’ll make some in game iskies instead.


(Linus Gorp) #4

It’s EVE. Stuff like this usually goes from downtime to downtime.

(Rachel A Moore) #5

I had read it the same way. I’m not sure if that’s the way other languages specify time, but that’s not the norm in the US. They missed out on $80 from me. Their loss for poor wording. It’s clear if you read the whole page, but usually the last date is through end of day of the last date listed.