Black Friday Sale 2018

Is it just me, or this “sale” is quite underwhelming…? I mean, 20% off Multiple Pilot Training Certificates, 50% off selected SKINs, and 15% off PLEX packages (also selected). Was this to be expected…?

Other games I play are doing quite broad sales (25% off everything, 30% off about half of all things in store, etc.).

That said, CCP has pretty much always done sales with a select few items at any given time. So yes this was to be expected.

It’s more about cherry-picking values when you get the chance than it is about firesales.

I was waiting to see if they had anything good. I would want to buy but they disappointed me. Nothing good. You pilots called it crap with skins.

I’m just returning to this game after a 10 year hiatus. I was hoping for a decent BF sale, like 30% off on a Galaxy Pack. From what I see, the “on sale” items are pretty much blah, and the discount given on the one good item, the multi toon training certificatte, is not even a great discount. Oh well

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There’s more stuff planned over the weekend for Cyber Monday sales too.

Keep an eye on the news :slight_smile:


If CCP were still adhering to their vision, the “sale” would have been in a station deep into a deadspace pocket 100 AU from Jita 4-4 and to get what you were buying you had to dock there.
What ensues would put to shame those scuffles we see over televisions on the news.
The world is lacking in true hilarity. But there are so many opportunities for it right in front of us. It’s as if everybody woke up without their balls and is just waddling around wearing pastels and acting like this guy.

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The ad says multiple character training is 20% off yet it still wants to charge full price. I confirmed this by comparing the account management price with the Steam prices.

It’s weird, no discount on Omega Time, business goes so badly to CCP ?

Or else CCP is so filthy rich it sees no benefit in offering discounts on worthwhile items.

Wow! Even more underwhelming and badly implemented stuff to be disappointed by?


20% off in NES (buying with PLEX) not for the regular RM prices.


rgr rgr


Me reading this thread:

Plex better be on sale for like 50%.

Or else…

Yes, it’s just you.

15 percent off plex and free skins… hmmmm

No u ↑

Still no discount on subscription, too bad I leave my account in alpha…
15% discount on plex makes me laugh …
Then pay with plex 50% more for Omega Time, no thanks without way.

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